Best Monk Names!

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Sinjid 8/10

apologies if mine has already come up, i didn't sift through this whole thread.
Ha nice 9/10
"Punch first, ask questions after punching."
<---- I like mine
8/10 I dig it
hmmmmmmmm 8/10
02/08/2013 07:34 PMPosted by Brewbear
hmmmmmmmm 8/10
Pretty much sums up your class and race together. 8/10 I think (could be a bit more original)
Not sure how to pronounce the first part, but it has the word fist in it so that's win and it doesn't have alt characters. I'd give it 7/10 until someone explains what rzairon is.
gd name :) 7/10
<---- ;)
If you know what this name is from you may be as old as I am...
3 ninjas knuckle up
02/09/2013 06:35 PMPosted by Haikarate
If you know what this name is from you may be as old as I am...

I assume the old aftershave... if so, that's a good 8-9/10 :) It also makes me old. Sigh.

My name is far from unique (and purposely spelled incorrectly - all my toons have an 'aa' in there), but it means "Drunken Fist" in relation to a specific style of marital arts. It seemed to be appropriate.
Mine isn't special, but I saw a "Brewslee" the other day.
Made me chuckle
5/10 I dun get it.

hint: italian, not spanish.
I've reserved the name Winwalker for a twink monk i'll work on later :D

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