Best Monk Names!

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02/09/2013 07:51 AMPosted by Ouchi
Not sure how to pronounce the first part, but it has the word fist in it so that's win and it doesn't have alt characters. I'd give it 7/10 until someone explains what rzairon is.
It's my attempt at a reference to the movie The Man With the Iron Fists where the rapper/producer RZA was a directer and the protagonist.

@Bambooty 10/10 lol Panda girls got that junk in the trunk
Your ankles are mine
Had to make a Dwarven Brewmaster...surprised there aren't more of us.
If only I could make a worgen monk named Splinter
Reflect not sure doesnt seem monk enough or to make sense with any of the moves

sadly 2/10
Dragon ball name :')
I will become a Brewmaster.
This is my main, windwalker (admittedly, inspired by the first Bruceflea on this thread).
I have an alt named "Barrelroll" who is a mistweaver. Really surprised it was available.
I also want to make a human monk named "Guan" or "MasterGuan" a la TV show Xiaolin Showdown.
What about me?
Not a bad name rubi im personally not a fan of accents and what not but otherwise good name
Some interesting names here, as for rating the guy/gal above ? I'm not a 100% sure what Vucial is, but as a name, S'alright
Its a name ive made and had for years lol just something i like =D
I like mine
pounds in the trash can gucci do the dishes
Some of these are pretty good.
Billymayze for a panda monk....

And cant play my monk without my keyboard.
If I had made a male panda monk his name woulda been Windbreaker.
7/10 Maybe it's just me not pronouncing it right.
Saw one named "Freehandjabs".

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