Best Monk Names!

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Healing with the power of matcha green tea!

Obscure reference, but not a bad name.

Mine goes well with the title. I think.
Oh, and I posted the second time to question Oniwaka on choosing a Japanese name in a Chinese themed xpac...

While pandas might be only left in China in the wild, doesn't make it a "Chinese only expac". I feel like they pulled from a lot of references for this expansion pack. While I've not been to China, it makes me feel a bit like it's taken influences from other parts of Asian culture. I live in Japan, and there are some things/areas that remind me a lot of places here. Yeah, a lot of it is pulled from Chinese history and all, but I feel like they pulled a lot of it from Asian cultures in terms of sources of research. Some bits also remind me a bit of South Korea.

EDIT: Matcha, you're name is awesome. :D
Your name Looks Japanese to me.
Some of these names are awesome.
12/10/2012 07:05 AMPosted by Lophaat
Your name Looks Japanese to me.

Mine? It is. :3 Good drink too.
< of course.
9/10 Teryaki because i luhh that ishh
Originally had this name parked for an Elemental shaman. Works better for a monk though, I think.
I'm the winner!

He's a Panda
But not a Mage
Handjab has caught me the most of guard this whole thread.
My wife's monk name is Badoncamonk.


7.5/10 Interesting name, I like it!
Amaranthine 7/10

Singer, color or plant?
I like ghostpepper 7/10

i started off with the name Peekingpoo didn't appeal to me after i made it so i changed it.
Kubo sounds cool 7/10
7/10 adds to the brew lore
I wanted my name to be Kungfucious but it was taken sadface. So meh.
Also guy above me.. I like it =D

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