Best Monk Names!

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Monks roll (unless they talent for torpedo)
fzzl - @!*%@!#@@?
beef - not tauren


had to accent the E. been my gaming handle for years

EDIT: apparantly da followed by an f, then a u, then a q is not allowed
^ like ur Style
I tried seeing how original and clever I could be. As you can see.... veryyyyyy clever
A monk named Monk with a special char, sorry thats -4/10 for me. To each their own.
Shaofanger 8/10, only because I read it phonetically first before I divided it (Shao-fang-er)

I have to explain my name, because otherwise people think it's "itchy", when it should be "ichi-eh", from 一期一会 (ichigo-ichie), which is a Japanese concept meaning everything happens only once, a saying closely associated with tea ceremonies. Hiro from heroes used to say it all time :)
^ very cool, 9.5/10

I'm not on my newly created monk, but his name is Fengxìng, which is Windwalker in Chinese.

And the accent over the i is there because it is proper, not because the non-accented one was taken.
very cool name would have been a 5/10 but the fact that the accent letter is actually correct and not used just because the name was take. 10/10
Any of the pandarian names from the random button.
hi guys (^_-)v sorry im late to the party!
Hi. I was under the impression there would be punch and pie?
7/10. Your name maybe? Easy to shorten. (Tony. Even Ton) No accents. Not a monk move either. Me gusta
whoops 5/10
Hoping this was a clever name.
Pandawashu sounds like a weird japanese bath house attendant. 7/10
12/13/2012 03:57 PMPosted by Ibori
7/10. Your name maybe? Easy to shorten. (Tony. Even Ton) No accents. Not a monk move either. Me gusta

Look up tony shalhoub. He's an actor. Been on a few movies and shows. 1 show in particular is what he's best known for. I'll even help you.
it's in the first paragraph.
No one will understand my name unless they knew that my Druid, who was my main for the last 3-4 years, is named Arbearday.
*giggles* 8/10 because your druid's name is pretty clever and.. I totally understand the need to make your alt's names *similar* to your main's.

edit: My name is in Italian, not spanish. It means Serenity.. which I thought went well with this class c:

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