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Wyrmrest Accord
Ishnu'alah, friends!

Moonheart Express has recently started taking courier contracts again, after a few months leave. Right now, we are based out of Halfhill, but we are able and more than willing to take packages, mail or other deliverable items between settlements and to customers.

We are a largely neutral, recently established family business, and have been in operation for only three years now. Even with times getting as harsh as they are, we hope to ensure continued service to our customers. However, in light of a few recent complications, I will also take the time to say this.

PLEASE do not send us contracts to deliver weapons, explosives or any potentially dangerous equipment which could be used for warfare. We do not participate overall in the war, and aim to try and keep it that way. However, letters to family or friends who may have ended up participating in such battles will of course be delivered; as will any of the usual sorts of items.

Finally, we do not discriminate customers! As long as you do not intend to cause trouble, we're happy to help whoever is in need of our services. We have many contacts who can handle relations if we cannot ourselves do so.

If you, the reader are interested in procuring the services of Moonheart Express, please feel free to send a letter to either Ariiah or Nakimah Moonheart. If conventional mail is not possible, don't worry! We have contacts who work with us, and will be easily known for the family crest that makes our business' emblem.

Thank you for your time in reading this, and have a pleasant day.

-At the bottom of this notification is a large, violet colored crescent moon, with an arrow piercing it. Right through the middle of this is a white colored envelope, depicted as if pinned against the moon by said arrow.-

((I've never really done anything like this before, so I hope it doesnt come off too plain haha. Thanks in advance to any who decide to take a look at this. This is a relatively recent idea I came up with as a way for my characters to get to know people better. Anyone interested in ICly approaching my characters with jobs may contact me in-game via mail, sent to either Nakimah or Ariiah (Though it may be wise to mail both, in case I don't log on one of the characters and thus miss you.).

I use GHI at its latest update so items you want delivered can easily be created for the purpose of such RP and traded around. Also, I am more than happy to cross-faction Roleplay with contractors too, hence the neutrality of the family business. If interested, mail me with an Alliance or seek me out between 7Pm to 6AM server time (My roughest estimate for my online avaialbility during weekdays.). On weekends, I'm available for a longer period of time however. Finally, I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to read all this, and I hope it isn't too much of a wall of text. Have fun guys, and see you on WoW!))
This looks awesome!
Glad you think so! I'd been struggling with the idea of posting this idea for a while now, but I was sick of my Hunter here and my Rogue being couriers in title only. I hope to expand my RP horizons in this way :P
Thanks guys <3

Also, bump. xD
Ah, one more thing guys. It seems I made a mistake while I was using GHI that seems to cause WoW to crash when I'm using my Rogue for longer than about 1hr 3mins (ROUGH estimate). So as a result, I've chosen to uninstall GHI from my addon list...thing. I hope this doesn't inconvenience anyone and I'd like to apologise anyways >.< pretending has always been easier anyway yes?

Once again, anyone interested in approaching me with IC contracts to help get this RP off the ground are more than welcome to send me IC mail to either my Rogue, Nakimah, or my main here. Thanks so much all <3

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