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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Hey guys!!

So I want to start a Guild on Nagrand just abit of PvP an PvE and such but not having any level 90's yet how bad will this effect making a guild? I'm not packed with money so I can't afford the bank tabs I can't even afford cold weather flying, but I still want to be large and in charge but will people follow me if I'm not 90? I have plenty of experience in WoW I don't know every !@#$ an spek but I get what I need done done,

which brings me to my next point there are alot of abusive people towards the guild perks getting guilds to level 3 then selling them, I don't want this I want a good tight guild I don't want to have a guild to take all the gold out of the bank or anything like that I just want a guild, team work, proffesionist's and those people that keep me alive in the BG's and just hardcore DPS'ers I just want a good ol' guild! is there any use in trying to get it done? or is there just too many guilds out there now?

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