Pretty bad..

My EX main was a shaman... i look in this forum and it's Q_Q Q_Q WAHHH and i agree!! I hate the current state of shamans... i just find it funny that this forum is the only one where it's in uproar.. all the other forum topics for classes are like... "What gear should i wear" "Which spec is cooler" Lmao... sad... i hope the shamans get buffed...
Ex main? Funny, my ex main was actually a warlock.

I just recently started leveling up this shaman and intend to make it my main at 90. I decided to level on a new realm without looms to take my time enjoying the class. Why did I roll a shaman over a lock?

Because I simply don't care what state the class is in right now. Every class has their share in the !@#$s. The playstyle of the shaman suits me and makes me enjoy the game, thus I play it.

Sure, the shamans could use a buff to keep us on par, especially pvp, but we are by no means useless. All the moaning and groaning of the Shaman is a little annoying in all honesty, but players will be players. I'm a rookie shaman, and I'm sure I know less than half of what other pro shamans know here, but I do know I roll the shaman because I don't care how "bad" we are, and because I like it.
Abandon this whole class.
Actually, I see that the Paladin forum is kinda down in the dumps over Ret's heal nerfs, and how it makes them dead now.

DK's are raging over Death Strike and how it can't do something in PvP now, thus killing Blood PvP (thank god).

So no, this forum's not the only one.
Everyone forum is full of QQ when the nerfs roll out. Play forums full of ret qq rogue forums still full of qq war forums full of qq lock forums full of qq over demo nerf. Wtf is op talking about.
The state of the class right now?

Its been like this for like 4 years bro.
The state of the class right now?

Its been like this for like 4 years bro.

To be honest I think the shamans are not in a bad spot right now maybe a lil sub par but nothing that we can scream and shout about..

honestly I believe I have played a class that had it way worse..
My shadow priest is level 87. I am saying goodbye to shaman soon. Playing only shaman since 2010.

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