For Arena RShams

Ok, While I have been experiencing this totem "nerf" I have noticed that there a points at which you can't do anything other than trink and if thats on cd you bend over and take it. I am trying to understand how this system is working out for others and what they are forced to do... I try to get capacitator totem off on their heals and that goes to trash quite quickly with how much we get locked out. When I pop my capacitator I usually get cc'd and its useless because I can't project it onto anyone etc. I understand the frustration of other shams and I am trying to figure out work arounds but when you even have a HPally chain cc'ing like its a joke what are we supposed to do? (Has anyone been interrupted while using spiritwalkers grace and have the 4 set? I wasn't stunned yet was interrupted..)

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