[H] Battle Rezzed 8/16 N LFM

<Battle Rezzed> (25). We are a 10m raiding guild. The majority of our core group has been together since 15% nerf of DS in Cata and are looking to add a few dedication raiders to our group.

Current Progression (As of 12/9/12):
-6/6 MSV
-2/6 HoF
-0/4 ToES

-Tues 8-10st
-Wed 7-10 st
-Thur 8-10st

EPGP Loot System

We are currently in need of the following classes:
-Shadow Priest (w/ Healing OS is a plus)

Contact myself via this thread or in game; Kittyÿ (Alt code: 0255).

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