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After scouting around the various 'hot spots' in Stormwind for roleplay, I started thinking. I can't be the only one becoming bored with the Blue Recluse and Cathedral District.

What about other places? List your hot spots for roleplaying that are not in Stormwind!
While I may be Horde, a lot of my guild's events take place on Northrend. I think its otherwise difficult to make random RP out in the sticks, since hotspots are more accessible.
I second the Northrend suggestion. I don't get a whole lot of walk-up RP (I mean, just look at Willia-she's fierce) , but any time I did get it, it was in Northrend. This seems to be a pretty decent spot for a lot of folks.
Dalaran, Shrine of Seven Stars and various other places around Pandaria. But right now I'm in Azuremyst.
I'd advise you to check out Darnassus! I've had loads of fun there, before joining Sentinel included.
I've bumped into folks RP'ing all over Pandaria, especially in the Shrine of Seven Stars and Halfhill.

I've heard good things about Darnassus and Dalaran but I don't have too much personal experience with RP'ing in either of them (though I'd like to, as much as I love Stormwind, having *all* of the Alliance RP crammed into a single city can get tiring).

Raven Hill
Gold Coast Quarry
(Clear Kara and bring friends!)

I prefer Stormwind because it contains the largest section of the Dark RP community. Not to mention- it's extremely active and I'm not surrounded by guild events and casuals (y'know, people who's RP is just them talking to people or relationship RP), allowing me to avoid both.
Wherever I go.

<-- Fulltime Rp

Best time I ever had in this game. Promise.

My guild hangs out in Thelsamar now and then, but otherwise I fully admit that I find a reason for a lot of my characters to default to Stormwind.

I'm really bad at it with Liotuse though, who just defaults straight to the bench in the Square.
Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! It's nice to get out of the 'norm'! Seems like I'm always walking around the Cathedral District, I need some new surroundings haha. :)
I can never find rp in Stormwind, everyone just eventually attacks me. :c
I want to start RPing in Darnassus, but there's only so much I can do when I'm alone.
I just take it wherever I find it.

My Azure Waterstrider and I are always up for roleplay.
My Regal Crane shall meet you. AGain. Someday. Maybe.

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