<Kïnd of a Bïg Deal> recruitment

Bleeding Hollow
Kind of a big deal is a lvl 25 alliance guild dedicated to progressive raiding on the bleeding hollow server. We are currently recruiting core members for our 10 man raid team who are available to raid four nights a week. We look for players who play thier class well and project positive attitudes. All are welcome.

If you are looking for a guild that aims at at downing all the MOP content efficiently and consistently, this is the primary goal of this guild, and we are looking for players like you.
A lot of guilds call raids after a few wipes, we do not, we continue, revise and correct until our task has been overcome.

Guild requirements:
    If you sign up for a raid, you must attend.
    follow the instructions of the raid leader: any suggestions you have will be taken into consideration, but in the moment you must do as instructed in-order to move as a unit.
    know the role of your class and understand how it fits into the raid.
    Dedicate yourself to the advancement of guild goals: Every member of the guild has a say in what these Goals are.(achievements etc)
    we enjoy raiding and expect raiders to treat raiding as a commitment.
    Raiders with experience are ideal.

If you have any questions , pst me in-game: accepting an invite into the guild is an agreement to adhere to the guidelines prior setforth.

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