Which pvp season for my xmog

I am thinking about doing something unique for my xmog. I don't see many if any season 10 and season 11 transmog. I really like them both. What do you guys thing about them. They can be found here


I appreciate the help.
Season 11 is pretty awesome-looking. I don't care for Season 10, it makes your head look like a thumbtack.
I have the vicious set, its pretty cool.

I like hateful gladiator too, the BC weps are the best.
If you do season 10 (which I did until this week) make sure you use Etherium Nexus Reaver as your weapon transmog. It's a perfect match and the glow from dancing steel makes it look even better.
I honestly don't like any of the three, but given the choice between them I'd have to say Season 11. Maybe Season 10 Elite (though honestly that helm, ugh)

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