Warrior soloing in 5.1?

Hello all, i have a few questions about soloing old raid content as a warrior in 5.1.

first off, what spec would be the best for soloing? i run arms for just about everything, but i feel like fury (for bloodthirst healing w/ glyph) or prot simply so i would never die, would seem better. what are you using?

also, what is the most difficult content people have been able to solo as a warrior?
one thing im really curious about is the military quarter in 25 man naxx. i really want armageddon but i feel like razuvious and the four hoursemen could be a headache.

any advice on wrath raids specifically would be very helpful, since i'd assume all of BC and vanilla is soloable now.

my goal is for ToGC10 and ICC10; if anyone has tried those raids i would love to hear what your experiences were.
I've been able to do all of vanilla and 95% of BC as prot. I usually do arms but just recently I started running as prot. Though the big one I can't do is SWP from BC.
As far as Wrath goes, I've been able to solo everything in Naxx 10 and 25. (Save for Gluth, I think at the time I did have a friend with me.)
ICC10 I was able to do the first two bosses. Though it's impossible to solo the Gunship.

I personally have never tried to solo ToGC10, but I know a lot of warriors who have cleared it on 10 man. Not so sure about 25 man.
thanks for the reply. answered a lot of my questions.

i completely forgot about gunship :( guess ICC10 wont happen.

what were your problems in sunwell? was it just gear or mechanics?
Arms, fury is reliant on gear so they will get better as the expac progresses. As prot you won't die but neither will your enemies.

As for glyphs, the only mandatory one is Death From Above, other than that I use Enraged Speed and the HS/cleave snare one.

IDK the hardest, people have done Alyzryor from Firelands. Use Second Wind.
I saw on General that someone solod gunship, so it is possible as of 5.1, though it is hard.

But yeah I've been doing most of my old world stuff as Arms, and haven't had any trouble. There are very few bosses second wind isn't good enough to deal with, and even fewer that second wind + defensive stance isn't.
I was able to solo Gunship today for the first time. It is very hard, but doable. Essential, stack your 1 until you are at 90+ Heat, then use your 2 for the ship guns. When the gun is frozen, jump ship and kill the mage, then jump back and kill any enemy boarders. Rinse and repeat. It will be a close fight, but it is possible.
I would say protection with second wind. Reasoning is most of the old bosses only hit for a few thousand for damage and since SW regenerates 3% of our health (for me thats like 12k per second) this means that as long as their damage does not exceed your regeneration speed you can esscentally wear them down.

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