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I'm going to play as a monk, and I was wondering, what professions would go best endgame with it, and pull in a good amount of gold?
LW/Skinning would provide you with good armor, and I believe the skins and armor kits you don't use could provide the needed income.
You could also go Inscription/Herb. I haven't played MoP yet, but I made a boatload of money selling glyphs on my DK, and the shoulder enchants could come in handy for your endgame. The choice is yours, I found Inscription/Herb to be harder to get money from than LW/Skinning, but that's just my take on it. I also haven't played recently.
For gold, two gathering professions and an understanding of the auction house. You can make some serious money gathering things and selling them to people who are too lazy to gather low-level mats for their high level characters.

If you want to make things, leatherworking is good for monks, while inscription, jewelcrafting, and enchanting can make goodies for anybody. Do note that crafting is somewhat pricey to make things that are only as good as normal drops and worse than dungeon prizes, but you have to make the low-level stuff to work your way up to the high-level stuff where crafted goods really shine.
12/07/2012 05:13 PMPosted by Cogruko
people who are too lazy to gather low-level mats for their high level characters

Actually, it's more a question of economics than laziness. A high level player can complete several quests at 25g each or gather a couple of stacks of mats.
It depends on your server. Each server has a different Ah economy. Take a look at the mats posted on your auction house, see what's selling and what isn't. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what profession will provide you with the most gold.

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