Exitium -rebuilding- 1 heals - 2 dps ranged

Area 52
Exitium is a day one level 25 Guild with raiding history back to vannilla.

Were currently seeking 2 core healers either a H Pally or Disc Priest,we are also seeking 2 ranged dps those being a Hunter, Shadow Priest, Boom-kin, or Elemental Shaman.

Exitium raids two nights a week Tues & Wen from 8:00pm server to 12:00 am server,raid flasks and repairs are provided.

Exitium is a close knit group of players whose goal is to progress as much as possible in a 2day schedule in as friendly and fun environment as possible.

If your interested in joining contact me in game or through my battle-tag Gerfroz#1138 if you send me an in game mail i will respond so you can reach me that way as well. Other contacts in the guild include Kaelista-Gm,Malikor-co Gm or Dakazhi
We lost our Disco Priest and Shadow Priest to a move and them unable to get internet.

What we need the most is either a Holy Pally or Disco Priest
In Range DPS a Hunter - Shadow Priest - or Elemental Shammy would be great. But if you are not of those above we are open to other classes.

We're a fun group and like he said above really drama free and we get down to business when it comes to raiding.

If you have any questions contact in game either myself , Malikor, Kaelista or Gerfroz.
bump for fresh meat
Still looking
still looking
I would help you out but im a holy priest =(
well we can talk in game i can tank heal and theres still the option of getting a h pally hit me up in game Gerfroz#1138
If your looking for a a fun group who wants to clear content we would like you to join.
still searching
Still looking for two good heals
Still searching for 2 good heals
still searching
Howdy Gerfoz, long time disc priest here. I am very interested in a spot on your core raiding team. Your raid times look good and I like your goal of "as much content down in a 2 day schedule". I have done this schedule in past guilds and I loved it. Please let me know if you would like to talk in game, vent or mumble.

I would be very interested in talking to you please hit me up in game add my battletag Gerfroz#1138
still looking for dem healers
still looking for some healy stuffs
If you want to raid 2 nights a week and are a healer wed love to talk to you

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