[A] Decoy recruiting a healer

Decoy is recruiting 1 healer with a strong dps OS for our 10 man group. We are looking for either a paladin, druid or shaman. If you're an exceptional healer with no dps OS we can make that work as well.

We are 5/16H and raid Thursday and Sunday 7:00-11:00 CST.

Add me in game Callistora#1286 if interested.
Just added a hunter to our group, still need 1 more dps (or tank or healer). We're pretty flexible so can take any role, will just depend on the class.
Hey, I just added you today. I'm a disc/spriest looking for a new raid group.
Hey was wondering if you were still looking for a tank. The guilds I'm in doesn't seem to be to reputable atm. My experience is lacking because I just graduated college so time was invested in that. But during my free time I grinded reps and valor still to keep ilvl respectable. Realid is jjwoodard@Yahoo.com if you would like to chat. Thank you.
Bump, need a holy pally but also open to a resto shaman or resto druid. We'd prefer someone with a dps OS but if you're an exceptional healer with no dps OS we can work with that too.

Also if anyone is available Sunday night @ 7CST to heal HoF we'll be clearing with possibly 2 heroics. Battletag is in first post.
Bump, still in need of a holy pally or resto shaman.

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