[FoS] Legionnaire/Knight-Captain - Replica...

[FoS] Legionnaire/Knight-Captain - Replica Grand Marshals gear.
STILL Restricted to that certain character.

"We do agree that the restriction to the specific characters that earned those titles kind of sucks. It’s the player that earned those items, really, not any specific character. If we had a way to make them account-wide right now, we would. We can’t, but account-wide achievements are planned for Mists of Pandaria, and we hope to be able to include Feats of Strength with that system, which would open up these items to all characters on that player's account."

Source: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3657436812?page=17

I dont play my old character anymore like MOST people that played since Pre-BC. It makes no sense why its limited to the one character and thats it. I have mine on my Gnome Mage... Guess what, I got sick of gnomes and i think they are terrible looking in gear. sooooo i leveled a new mage when i decided to play a mage again.. Now my Human mage is level 90. and I want to transmog my gear into the Grand Marshals set - I was excited for the Account Wide Achievements but WOW... its like giving a kid a sucker and telling him he cannot eat it.

You introduce Account-Wide achievements and some of the most wanted things that would come out of it is restricted.

The restriction in general is really... bias towards PvP players from vanilla. You speak so much out of the fact it was soo hard to obtain Grand Marshal etc. but you give the gear to Knight-Captains and above... Knight-Captains had what, not even the full set blue gear. and TBH im sure anyone that actually played the system would know obtaining Knight-Captain took some dedication and PvPing frequently. So basing it off the fact that is was soo hard to get is irrelevant. If that was the case then why not make it require Marshal or Field Marshal?

Now back to why I called it Bias - PvE to me was the most taxing on time when it came to Vanilla. Today - you'll find most guilds raiding 2-3 nights a week. a few hours a night. 4 nights, they call themselves "Hardcore". Now travel back in time. 4 nights a week and you would be called part timer. I would see mostly 5-6 nights a week to achieve any type of notable progression in raids. Do you remember your first epic? After raiding 5-6 days a week, 4 hours a night to finally get that one amazing pc of gear you've been waiting for. Nightslayer's Belt! Finally I got it! Wow, After weeks of constantly spamming chat for 5mans to get that precious dungeon. And weeks wiping on Luci and Garr.. Just to kill more bosses that drop the almost identical loot table. and somehow figure out how to divvy up 3-4 pcs of gear between 40 people....

you get the point. When you seen people with epics, it meant something. Full teir sets were to die for. Now they can be farmed with only a weekly limit that is holding you back from getting it within an hour. I took pride on having full bloodfang. but no worries. Blizz will just recolor it 2 times(or more) and make it so easy to get.

Anyone should be able to grind the gear and use it IMO. I would enjoy entering a BG with everyone xmoged to lvl 60 pvp gear. it would bring back great memories of the game in its glory. 100 honor per pc is pretty low, i know.

Keep it how it is.
Normal Set. - Not XMogable
Replica Set. - XMogable

This will allow different prices on the sets. Keeping the normal set obtainable for lvl 60s+ that is looking for it to wear.

Replica Set - Change the way it is bought. Make it harder to obtain than a quick 200g and you have the full set. Make it Equivalent or more expensive than the BC sets.

All I'm asking is Please! Make this achievement TRULY account wide allowing our new mains to wear the gear we earned.
Bumping this because it's important to me too.
I agree; many of us who actively participated in the PvP system during classic and managed to achieve officer titles did so while focusing on one character. After so long, I wonder how many still play the same character? I'd like to see this changed as well.
Bump because I too wouldn't mind having my title and transmog available on more than one character. I got Knight-Champion on my warrior, who I still play a bit, but I'd prefer to have it on my warlock that I play more. I also rather like the look of the 60 PvP sets, when less was more.

[Edit] Oh God, sorry for playing a part in a necro...

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