Is Fire Viable for Raiding?

I'll keep it short and sweet:

I've been Arcane/Frost (main/off) through Pandaria.

I have always loved fire at heart and know how to optimize dps with it mechanically.

My concern is that, with the recent fire nerfs... is it even worth it for me to spec over to fire and try it out?

My question is in regards to raiding only.

Thanks for any advice or tips!
Frost is fine for raiding.
This doesn't help me at all.
12/08/2012 07:06 AMPosted by Karinà
This doesn't help me at all.

Read the forums. The answer to your question is still being debated.

I'll offer a little advice, but it's really only guesswork right now. I would say that at current gear levels, Frost or Arcane would be a better choice, but as your gear level (and crit rating) begin to compensate for the recent nerfs, Fire will reenter the picture.

Take it with a grain of salt, though, I have no evidence to back up my advice.
yes if you are a lucky fire mage then you will still be on top because RNG, but if you are not so lucky you will most likely be on the bottom.

arcane would be my suggestion to you.
12/08/2012 06:38 AMPosted by Karinà
is it even worth it for me to spec over to fire and try it out?

Try it out and see. Dont read anything on the forums, just go try it out and then come back and post your thoughts.
OP, short is answer is: not at your gear level. You just do not have the crit to make it fly. If it makes you feel better, this is true for almost every single mage out there save a very few.

You can try this out for yourself, but I can guarantee frustration and long strings of fireball casts without crits.

Only on cleave and add heavy fights will it be tolerable thanks to a target rich environment.

The good new six months maybe you can play fire!
12/08/2012 07:06 AMPosted by Karinà
This doesn't help me at all.

It's just a statement. I thought it was good information, who knows what you're actually asking us, do you want to not fail hard at something or do you want to risk low dps on progression?

you are forced to play frost for a movement fight, if you can stand still you should play arcane. the honest answer here is unfortunately you should respec affliction.

if you are really good at fire, sure you can still play it, not to the potential as your fellow raiders could if they're just as good. worse off still, unless you just like casting fireball endlessly, it wont be fun at all...

welcome to the new one button spec... just without the deeps to back it up
Thanks all for the direction on this.

I have a 472 ilvl now which isn't horrible, but I know it could be alot more.

So I gave the spec a try anyways and it was exactly as you said.

Fireballs over and over that aren't critting, overall dps dropped 20k at least from what arcane puts out.

I only had about 20% crit, and if I forge more into at this current ilvl, I'll be missing the 15% hitcap so that wouldn't help.

All in all... it's still fun to play, but it just doesn't get me as far or help the raid near as much as arcane viability does.

I'm pretty bummed out about it. Fire was always my bread and butter and now it's so bland, even if you are doing everything right.
Fire is "viable" for raiding in the same way Arms is "viable" as a warrior raiding spec.
Fire is no longer viable for raiding.

Go with arcane or frost. Both are better than fire.
It's like people don't even give the forums a quick look before posting their own threads.
Fire isn't as bad as people are saying it is. Sure it got nerfed very hard, but it's still a viable spec if you know how to play it, and have half decent gear.

Frost is still behind fire according to raidbots.
Fire is no longer viable for raiding.

Fire is extremely weak on single target fights.

Both Arcane and Frost are the specs to use for raiding now.
OP, Frankly play what feels right to you, you'll end up doing more dps doing what's comfortable for you. Don't get hung up on simcrafts or raidbots reserve that crap for bleeding edge raiders and min/max players. has some good round about guides to follow. GL
I'd say its viable, I think too many people are looking into theoretical impossible fights on sim craft.
I'm still fire and doing well for my raid group. We're still clearing normals, but we're doing so fine. And it isn't like I'm being carried by the other dps, since I still come in on top most of the time.

Did I notice a drop? For sure. I don't blow everyone away now. I don't burst ridiculously high anymore. It works though.

Will it be fine for heroics? Well if you're doing heroics, you probably have the gear to support it. I can't say though since I'm not there.
Fire is still good for cleave fights like Stoneguard. For single-target fights arcane is likely to be better if you're below ilvl 490 or so; I'd say you need 30% raid-buffed crit for fire to feel decent now.

I was at 28% crit (485 ilvl) and felt the nerf pretty hard (dropped from 1st or 2nd on single-target fights to 4th or 5th). Just yesterday I decided to go main spec arcane and regemmed and reforged, although I'll still use fire for cleave fights.

It's pretty much the same story it's always been. Arcane or frost at lower gear levels, fire at higher gear levels. Just the definition of "low" and "high" gear levels has shifted upward a bit.

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