Looking for advice on coming back to rogue!

Hi guys as the title says i'm finally coming back to my rogue. However I have heard things are still pretty rough but better now so i'm giving it another shot again! I'd just like to ask what spec you guys think works well for a rogue in pvp or someone that is just coming back to rogues. Also
what race would you think is best for pvp (or one of the best). Any abilities I should watch out for as a rogue (New mop ones) and any more advice in general for me? Thanks in advance!
why in the world would you want to do that?
After leveling to 90, researching specs and strategies, and grinding for epic gear, my advice is to play any other class. Rogues are weak in the extreme in both PvE and PvP, they cant take damage, cant deal damage, and stealth can now be broken by anyone sneezing too hard within a mile of you. My 85 DK was slaughtering his way through mobs that would have destroyed my geared 90 rogue. There you go!

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