Hunter Compendium 5.4

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Hunter PVE Compendium
Hello fellow hunters! I put this together to help answer some of the most common questions that we see on the forums. This for PVE only and everything in here is subject to change.
I welcome any suggestions/changes/additions that you may have to offer. Thank you :)

Two threads to check out:
"You Rolled a Hunter, Now What?" by Whim

"Hunter Pet Guide" by Paksanarian

I. Stats
A. Reforging
B. Gems
C. Enchants
D. Food/Flask/Potion
II. Spec
A. Glyphs
B. Talents
III. Pets
A. Stampede
IV. Rotation
V. Gear
A. Timless Gear
B. Best in Slot
D. Heirloom
E. Boss Loot List
VI. Macros
A. Key Bindings
VII. Professions
VIII. Race
IX. Addons
X. Boss Encounters
A. Siege of Orgrimmar
XI. Weak Aura Codes


I. Stats

Hit and Expertise required to hit a raid boss in MoP:
Hit - 7.5% (2550)
Draenei - 2210

Expertise - 7.5% (2550)
Troll - 2210
Dwarf - 2210

Hit and Expertise required to hit a 5 man heroic boss in MoP:
6% - 2040 rating

Agility is the primary stat, regardless of spec. After you are hit and expertise capped your stat priorities are (for SV):
Crit > Haste > Mastery

For BM:
Haste > Mastery > Crit
(arguably could go Mastery > Haste > Crit

For MM: (now considered a PVP spec)
Crit > Haste > Mastery

A. Reforging

There are several helpful tools to assist you with reforging:
ReforgeLite addon - (my personal preferred method) - note: DOES NOT FACTOR ITEM UPGRADE


B. Gems

Unless the socket bonus is 80 agility or higher, always gem pure red (agility). Never gem straight haste/expertise/mastery/hit.
Meta - Agile Primal Diamond
Red/Prismatic - Delicate Primordial RubyPerfect Delicate Pandarian Garnet
Yellow - Deadly Vermilion Onyx
Blue - Perfect Glinting Roguestone
Meta - Capacitive Primal Diamond

C. Enchants

Shoulder - Greater Tiger Claw Inscription
Chest - Enchant Chest - Glorious Stats
Wrist - Enchant Bracer - Greater Agility, or the less expensive (Item not found). LW use the agility self enchant.
Gloves - Enchant Gloves - Superior Mastery, Enchant Gloves - Greater Haste, or Enchant Gloves - Superior Expertise and always Synapse Springs if an engineer
Cloak - Enchant Cloak - Superior Critical Strike if you need hit use Enchant Cloak - Accuracy
Belt - Living Steel Belt Buckle
Legs - Shadowleather Leg Armor
Boots - Enchant Boots - Blurred Speed
Weapon - Lord Blastington's Scope of Doom
Rings - Greater Agility if an enchanter

D. Food/Flask/Potion

When cooking you want to learn the Way of the Wok. This provides our agility food. There are 3 levels of food you can make, each requiring more expensive ingredients:
Sauteed Carrots - 250 agility
Valley Stir Fry - 275 agility
Sea Mist Rice Noodles - 300 agility

Flask of Spring Blossoms - 1000 agility for 1 hour (2 hours if you are an alchemist)

Virmen's Bite - 4000 agility for 25 seconds
You can use this potion prior to entering combat to ignore the one pot per fight limit. It will, however, place a 1 minute CD on the pot itself, but once that CD is up you will be able to use it again. It is recommended that you save the pot for when Bloodlust/Heroism is used. If these were used at the beginning of a fight then use the pot again during a time in the fight where you can do uninterrupted DPS to the boss and most (if not all) of your cooldowns are up again.
II. Spec

What spec should you be? (level 90, PVE)
Technically BM is the highest damaging/opening burst at the moment. The differences between BM and SV for similarly geared and experienced hunters is not that huge. In short, if you are really comfortable with one spec and absolutely hate the other, then play the one that you want to play. Honestly. It's that simple. If you play your spec as close to perfect as you can, you WILL out DPS fellow hunters who do not know their class inside and out (even if they out-gear you).

MM is mainly a PVP spec this patch.

What spec should you level as?
Honestly all 3 specs work just fine for leveling. Tame a pet you think looks prettiest, spec it Tenacity, and have fun with it.

A. Glyphs

Glyph of Animal Bond is pretty much the only one that is required. For the 2nd and 3rd you can use what best suits you.
Glyph of Deterrence for fights where you have to soak a large amount of damage,
Glyph of Liberation is really handy for quickly getting out of situations while also providing a heal
Glyph of Misdirection when questing/soloing for chain MDs to your pet with no CD. Great for fights like heroic Malkorok when you need to get the adds to the center of the room.
Glyph of Disengage for fights like Blackfuse or Immerseus where traveling long distances quickly can help.

Minor Glyphs: It's pretty free-for-all for minor glyphs. Some to consider:
Glyph of Stampede - makes your pets all identical. You can use this if you do not need any additional buffs covered.
Glyph of Aspect of the Pack - nice for running back as a group after a wipe.
Glyph of Aspect of the Cheetah - you do not get dazed when struck while in Cheetah. If in pack, however, everyone else will.
Glyph of Revive Pet.

B. Talents

Level 15: Crouching Tiger Hidden Chimera... can use Posthaste for Thok
Level 30: Binding Shot or Intimidation depending on what you need
Level 45: Aspect of the Iron Hawk (use Spirit Bond for soloing old content)
Level 60: Dire Beast for single target fights Thrill of the Hunt for AoE
Level 75: Murder of Crows for SV Blink Strike for BM
Level 90: Glaive Toss. Can use Barrage for Spoils

III. Pets

Pet's damage was normalized, meaning they do the same damage.
Bring the pet that fills the missing buff/debuff in your party. For soloing, a Spirit Beast for the heal or Wolf for the crit are a good choice. Otherwise pick what you think looks the prettiest.
For a complete list of every tamable pet in the game and guides how to obtain them:

For a video and chart of each pet's abilities:

Don't know what buff every class brings to the group? An extremely helpful addon is Raid Check List. It shows which buffs/debuffs are missing from your group and which ones you can provide. All you have to know is which pet to bring. If you bring the right pet out, it turns from blue (missing) to green (covered) in the list.

A great pet guide written by Eurugan can be found here:


A. Stampede
Courtesy of Adarant

When I use Stampede, what abilities can I expect my pet to use?

During Stampede, you control your active pet as you normally would. The 4 summoned pets, however, are restricted in the abilities that they can use. Any abilities that are set to auto-cast when you last dismissed your pet will be used according to their normal usage rules. Abilities that are not set to auto-cast will not be used by your summoned pets. Abilities that cannot be set to auto-cast, Ancient Hysteria and Eternal Guardian for example, cannot be used by the pets summoned by Stampede. You cannot use macros to bypass the auto-cast restrictions.

Here are some examples of what you can expect during Stampede:
1. If you leave Growl on auto-cast for a summoned pet, that pet will use Growl on cooldown if they are not at the top of the threat table. If Growl is not set to auto-cast, your summoned pet will never Growl. If you have a macro that contains the line "/cast Growl", then your active pet will Growl, but none of your summoned pets will Growl. This goes for all pet abilities that can be set to auto-cast, including but not limited to Growl, Rabid, Web, Demoralizing Roar, and Furious Howl.

2. Assume your active pet is a Corehound and you have "/cast Ancient Hysteria" in a macro. If you use that macro during Stampede, then your active Corehound will use Ancient Hysteria as expected. Assume your active pet is not a Corehound, but one of your summoned pets is a Corehound. If you use your Ancient Hysteria macro during Stampede, your Corehound will not cast Ancient Hysteria. This goes for all abilities that cannot be set to auto-cast, including but not limited to Ancient Hysteria, Eternal Guardian, Froststorm Breath, and Burrow Attack.


IV. Rotation

There is no set rotation for a hunter, but we do have a priority. This means if you have to choose between hitting one of two abilities, you hit the one that is the most important. Here is the order of importance for our abilities according to the highest obtainable DPS on

Serpent Sting
Dire Beast
Glaive Toss
Bestial Wrath
Kill Command
Kill Shot
Focus Fire
Rapid Fire
Arcane Shot
Cobra Shot


Serpent Sting
Black Arrow
Kill Shot
Explosive Shot
A Murder of Crows
Dire Beast
Rapid Fire
Arcane Shot
Cobra Shot

V. Gear
A. Timless Gear

Randomly dropped from mobs and chests from Timeless Isle, these pieces will generate random stats that are appropriate to your spec upon opening. Every slot is accounted for except for one ring and one trinket. All of these items can be mailed to your alt account wide (horde or alliance) UNOPENED. These are all ilvl 496.

Burden of Eternity is used PRIOR to opening a piece of mail armor. It turns the 496ilvl pieces into 535, putting them between LFR and Flex raiding as far as quality goes. The trinkets CANNOT be Burdened to become a higher ilvl.

Celestials - either of the 4 Celestial bosses in the center ring at the Timeless Isle have a chance of dropping both PVP and PVE gear. These are a free for all tag and can receive loot even if the tag doe snot belong to you. You can use a Warforged Seal to coin roll bonus loot. The PVE pieces they drop are Tier 16 ilvl 553 gloves and pants (equivalent to normal Siege raid).

Ordos - this boss also located on Timeless Isle requires a 40m group and is a free for all tag. You do not have to have the tag in order to receive loot. He drops warforged ilvl 559 pieces (which are between normal and heroic raid quality). These are stand alone pieces and do not exist anywhere else. His loot table includes:

Wrist - Bowflight Wristguard
Head - Crest of Burning Deeds
Legs - Desirae's Dashing Leggings
Shoulder - Firearrow Shoulderpads
Waist - Light Kindler Waistguard
Chest - Moonhee's Mean Vest
Neck - Smoldering Eye

Belt - Gorge Stalker Belt
Legs - Gorge Stalker Legplates

Best in Slot Tier 16 (Assume 4/4 upgraded heroic Warforged)

Helm - Headguard of the Unblinking Vigil
Neck - Gleaming Eye of the Devilsaur
Shoulder - Spaulders of the Unblinking Vigil
Cloak - Fen-Yu, Fury of Xuen - legendary quest
Chest - Tunic of the Unblinking Vigil
Wrist - Dagryn's Fuselight Bracers
Gloves - Gloves of the Unblinking Vigil
Belt - Arrowflight Girdle
Legs - Legguards of the Unblinking Vigil
Boots - Ravager's Pathwalkers
Rings - Ring of Restless Energy & Reality Ripper Ring
Trinkets - Assurance of Consequence & Haromm's Talisman for SV....Ticking Ebon Detonator for BM
Weapon - Hisek's Reserve Longbow

Complete walkthrough of the legendary quest can be found:

D. Heirloom Gear

Helm - Tarnished Raging Berserker's Helm
Shoulder - Champion Herod's Shoulder
Cloak - Inherited Cape of the Black Baron
Chest - Champion's Deathdealer Breastplate
Legs - Tarnished Leggings of Destruction
Rings - Ornate Band of Accuria and Dread Pirate Ring
Trinkets - Swift Hand of Justice x2
Weapon - Charmed Ancient Bone Bow, War-Torn Ancient Bone Bow, or Hellscream's Warbow


E. Boss Loot List Tier 16
Immerseus: neck - boots
Fallen Protectors: xbow - gloves
Norushen: shoulder - ~legs~ - ~ring~
Sha of Pride: **chest** - ~trinket~
Galakras: bow - ~bracers~ - belt - ring
Iron Juggernaut: gloves - boots
Kor'kron Dark Shamans: helm - cloak - ~trinket~
General Nazgrim: **gloves** - ~boots~
Malkorok: gun - bracers - ~ring~
Spoils of Pandaris: chest - ~belt~ - trinket
Thok: ~neck~ - **helm**
Siegecrafter Blackfuse: **shoulder** - bracers - ~trinket~
Paragons of the Klaxxi: **legs** - ~bow~ - ring
Garrosh Hellscream: helm - shoulder - chest - heirloom

Note: ** indicates a tier piece
Double Note: ~ indicates a BiS piece (when heroic/warforged)

VI. Macros

For an in-depth guide to macros see Strlder's Hunter macro guide:

**Note: With the change to Cobra/Steady shot being castable while moving, you will need a /stopcasting macro so you can quickly cancel this when needed. You can either create a separate keybind and use:

Or macro it to abilities that you would need to stop a cast in order to use immediately. For example:
/cast disengage

Other abilities to consider attaching a stopcast macro to are Counter Shot, Scatter Shot, and Kill Shot. DO NOT macro these into all your normal abilities! This will make it so you can't spam your abilities. One /stopcasting stops your auto shot, and the other cancels your cobra/steady shot.

Opening burst macro (the use 10 is engineering gloves):
#showtooltip Stampede
/cast Stampede
/cast Rapid Fire
/cast Bestial Wrath
/cast Rabid
/use 10

To prevent your aspect from turning off due to multiple clicks:
/cast !Aspect of the Iron Hawk

Mouseover Scatter shot:
/cast [@mouseover] [@target] Scatter Shot

To have your pet use Kill Command on your current target:
#showtooltip Kill Command
/cast [@target] Kill Command

Always cast Misdirection on your pet unless you have a focus target:
#showtooltip Misdirection
/cast [@focus,help][@pet,exists] Misdirection

To use then cancel Deterrence on the same keybind:
#showtooltip Deterrence
/cancelaura Deterrence
/cast Deterrence

To cancel Deterrence or a Pally's Hand of Protection using arcane shot:
#showtooltip Arcane Shot
/cancelaura Deterrence
/cancelaura Hand of Protection
/cast Arcane Shot
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

It is not recommended that you make a cancel deterrence on your deterrence button. Spamming this button in any way would immediately cancel the effect and could result in a death or blowing an unnecessary second charge of the ability.

A. Key Bindings

Everyone's bindings will be different. You should bind them to how it makes sense to YOU.
Remember that keyboard turning (A and D) aren't necessary. Same goes with back-peddling (S), so binding these to abilities is useful and the buttons are easy to reach.
That being said, here is an example using my own key bindings:

BM Spec:
1: Kill Command
2: Wrath
3: Cobra Shot
4: Arcane Shot
5: Serpent Sting
Q: Strafe Left
W: Move Forward
E: Strafe Right
R: Glaive Toss
T: Binding Shot
A: Rapid Fire
S: Feign Death
D: Stampede
F: Focus Fire
G: Healthstone
F1: Aspect of the Iron Hawk
F2: Aspect of the Cheetah
F3: Aspect of the Pack
F4: Hunter's Mark
F5: glider

Razer Naga buttons:
4: Multi Shot
5: Explosive Trap
6: Ice Trap
7: Kill Shot
8: Misdirect
9: Freezing Trap
10: Dire Beast
11: Murder of Crows/Lynx Rush
12: Scatter Shot
Shift + 12: CounterShot
Extra left click button 1: Deterrence
Extra left click button 2: Intimidation
Mouse wheel click: Disengage


VII. Professions

Blacksmith: 2 extra sockets for potential 320 agility if using Delicate Primordial Ruby or Perfect Delicate Pandarian Garnet
Jewelcrafting: 2 bonus gems Serpent's Eye which give a total of 320 agility
Inscription: Secret Tiger Claw Inscription - bonus 320 enchant to shoulders
Alchemy: Mixology bonus that gives 320 agility. Also flasks last 2 hours instead of 1.
Engineering: Synapse Springs, as well as Tinker's Gear which goes in cog sockets and gives 600 of a certain stat.
Leatherworking: Cheap bracer enchant that is 320 agility higher than the normal enchant.
Enchanting: Enchant Ring Agility - 160 agility to each ring
Tailoring: 4000 attack power proc that lasts 15 seconds on approx a 1 min CD.
Mining: 480 stamina
Herbalism: 2880 haste for 20s every 2 minutes and heals 13875 - 16125. Equivalent of 480 passive haste.
Skinning: 480 crit rating

VIII. Race

Listed in order from best to worst DPS for each faction. For Pandas they are neck and neck with the top race (Worgen and Troll). The differences are very minor between each of the races. At the end of the day pick whichever race you personally think looks best if DPS isn't that big of a factor for you.
Check out to compare the races for your toon.

The following list order was plugged into in all BiS gear with simulated all buffs and debuffs.

Orc comes out on top by over 1000 DPS (121627.61), followed by Panda (120747.58). The lowest is Blood Elf at 119265.48.


Pandaren - double food buff effectiveness, 50% less fall damage taken.
Worgen - 1% crit.
Draenei - 20% heal, 1% hit.
Dwarf - 1% expertise, remove diseases, bleeds, poison, and reduces damage by 10% for 8 seconds (2 minute CD).
Human - Remove effects that cause loss of control with your character (2 min CD).
Night elf - threat drop.


Orc - 15% reduced stun effects, 2% increased pet damage, increase attack power by 4514 for 15 seconds (2 min CD).
Pandaren - double food buff effectiveness, 50% less fall damage taken.
Troll - 20% casting speed (3 min CD), 10% increased health regen during combat, 5% bonus damage against beasts, 1% expertise, 15% movement impairment reduction.
Undead - Remove charm, sleep, and fear (2 min CD), shadow damage chance on hit that also heals you.
Goblin - rocket jump, belt rockets, 1% cast speed increase.
Tauren - Stun enemies within 8 yards for 2 seconds (2 min CD), 5% base health.
Blood elf - focus restore and silence enemies within 8 yards for 3 seconds (2 min CD).
IX. Addons
J's Hunter bar - Focus bar with crowd control timers and alerts for debuffs (alerts you when you can tranq shot a mob).

Power Auras/Weak Auras (see section XI for Weak Auras codes)-

GTFO - you will never stand in fire again!

Voice Encounter Mods - a friendly voice tells you what abilities are coming and how to deal with them during the fight. It's basically DBM with a voice over.

Forte Xorcist - Manage cooldowns and DoT uptimes.

Skada/Recount - Damage meters.

Deadly Boss Mods/BigWigs - Boss ability timers.

Raid Checklist - Shows what buffs are missing from your group and which ones you can provide with your pet.

Quartz - cast bar and swing timer.

Bars and UI
ElvUI - A complete UI overhaul that makes everything completely customizable. Everything can be moved on your screen to exactly where you want it.

X. Boss Encounters
This is just a brief breakdown of what you can do as a hunter on each of these fights. For a complete walkthrough of the mechanics of each fight, I highly recommend watching the Fatboss videos:

The following is hunter specific information. It is assumed that you know the basic mechanics of the fight. If there is a hunter trick that you use for any of these fights, please leave a response and it'll get added in.


Normal - Glyph of Deterrence, possibly Glyph of Liberation. Use Disengage to travel between platforms to DPS adds. You can Deterrence during Swirl if unable to move, but it's best to pop this when the puddles reach the boss during the split phase to help out your healers. Make sure you stand close to the Sha Puddles ( within 12 yards) as they die so you get the 25% increased damage to other Puddles.

Heroic - Thrill of the Hunt for all the extra phase 1 adds.

Fallen Protectors

Normal - Pop Deterrence when Sun casts Calamity to help avoid a large amount of damage. When Rook's Embodied Gloom spawns, interrupt its cast as much as possible. When staking in the bubble, you can drop DPS traps while DPSing the adds at range.

Heroic - Offer to take Mark of Anguish and be sure to have (if able) both of you Deterrence casts available so you can hold onto the debuff as long as possible before passing it off to another class who is able to absorb the damage (another hunter, priest dispersion, monk bubble). These are cast by the Embodied Anguish from He. It's not uncommon for the tank to take this debuff, especially in 10m normal. However in heroic, it's far too much damage.


Normal - This fight is a DPS check, while also killing all the adds. Each group will have a different strategy for orb clicking order, and which DPS are to switch to adds. Follow the instructions of the raid leader for this fight. Glyph and spec for maximum DPS. Even though this fight has a fair amount of adds, use Dire Beast. The adds aren't usually stacked well enough to benefit from Serpent Spread.

Heroic - Keep an extra eye on your Corruption and if you have less than 75, you can soak an orb dropped from the Manifestation of Corruption.

Sha of Pride

Normal - Use Deterrence whenever the boss casts Swelling Pride to help avoid large amounts of damage. Interrupt the Manifestation of Pride when it casts Mocking Blast.

Heroic - Disengage to quickly get to rifts to close them. If you are in charge of DPSing/Misdirecting the small adds, you may want to consider Thrill of the Hunt over Dire Beast.


Normal - Your job will vary depending if you are in the tower group or not. While the add phase can make for some juicy AoE damage, the kill order priority is very important in this fight. If you run with a consistent group, get a feel for how the adds are handled and whether it will be beneficial to add more AoE to your spec (Thrill of the Hunt vs Dire Beast). Interrupt the Tidal Shamans whenever they cast chain heal. Switch to the Healing Tide Totem ASAP, as well as the banner dropped by the Flagbearers.

Heroic - Same as normal but with Dragonmaw Grunts which you might have to kill (at the tower door). You have 90 seconds to kill it.

Iron Juggernaut

Normal - You can Deterrence and disable a Crawler Mine. Casting Deterrence for Shock Pulse will avoid the damage and knock back.

Heroic - Same as normal.

Kor'kron Dark Shaman

Normal - Depending on your raid's strategy, you can take the Foul Geyser debuff to drop the Foul Slimes between the buildings in Orgrimmar. Take note of where the Slimes will be dropped and throw a Frost Trap to keep the Slimes slowed. If killing the Slimes is an issue in your raid, you might want to consider Thrill of the Hunt for extra AoE. Use Deterrence to avoid extra damage from Falling Ash.

Heroic - You can Deterrence the Iron Tomb. It lasts 1 minute and you must either use a Deterrence or someone else's cooldown to avoid this instantly killing you. See the Weak Aura code in this guide for an easy way to keep track of this debuff.

General Nazgrim

Normal - Use Flare on the Assassins to pop them out of stealth. Use Binding Shot on any of the mobile adds (Assassins and Ironblades) to help keep them off your healers. Interrupt the Shamans Chain Heal and quickly switch to the Healing Tide Totems. Use Deterrence whenever Nazgrim casts Warsong. Switch to the Banner whenever you see it. Your pet can safely DPS the boss while he is in Defensive Stance.

Heroic - Use Tranq Shot to remove Earth Shield as fast as possible on Nazgrim (the Shamans place it on him whenever they are up). There is a very high chance the Snipers will never be on you, but if they are, Disengage so your back is to the wall and not to the raid.


Normal - Use Deterrence when soaking an Imploding Energy Void Zone.

Heroic - While there are adds in this fight, it still may not warrant using Thrill of the Hunt. Misdirect the adds to the appropriate tank. Even better, you can use the Misdirection Glyph to make them go to your pet so the adds get to the center of the room quickly for easy AoE DPS from the raid. If you are an engineer, you can Rocket Boost (hope it doesn't fail), use Deterrence, and pop a cluster of orbs around the room. You can do this immediately after running back from a Breath of Y'Shaarj. Use Deterrence whenever possible when soaking a Void Zone. If you have a red shield, soaking WILL kill you. However, if you Deterrence it, you will survive.

Spoils of Pandaria

Normal - Thrill of the Hunt over Dire Beast is very useful with this being solely an add fight. Nameless Windwalker Spirits give you the buff you want. Pay attention when these die and click their orb. You can practically ignore Set to Blow and just tuck yourself away from the raid when it's about to go off (it will damage anyone around you) then pop Deterrence when the timer is about to go off. This is fantastic because you help keep the ground clear of extra bombs. WARNING: You must have the Glyph of Deterrence and be nearly topped off in order to survive all of the stacks. Follow the desired kill order from the raid leader.

Heroic - Sparks of Life must be killed. One cast can wipe the raid. Do not tranq shot the enrage, as mages can spell steal it and gain massive damage for your raid. Use Barrage, especially for Mogu side with all the statues. Thrill of the Hunt works well, especially if you are on Spark duty. You can Deterrence a full stack of bombs when debuffed with Set To Blow.


Normal - Hunters never get interrupted throughout the fight like many other casting classes do. So you can have at it! This is our fight! It depends on the raid leader, but traditionally hunters will stay on the boss the ENTIRE fight, never switching to the Jailers. Do keep in mind that you can tranq shot the Jailers, so might want to keep an eye out for that. At least throw a sting on them. Use a pet attack macro to keep it on the boss the entire time, so it doesn't run back and forth the Jailer if you happen to switch to it. Using Posthaste ability to help get away from Thok when he is chasing you is handy. You will not need to worry about Deterrence on this fight.

Heroic - The same as normal. Stay on Thok, help dot up the Jailer, and use Disengage to get away from Thok chasing you. Thrill of the Hunt would be helpful for the bats. Any extra AoE you can pump out to help get those down.

Siegecrafter Blackfuse

Normal - This is YOUR fight! You are the belt b**** for life and can make this fight so much easier for your raid by allowing people to stay on the boss and not rotate on belts. Hunters can cheese the belts by walking along the top edge of the pipe (not jumping in) and chain back to back belts without every having a debuff. Normally, people would only be able to do every other belt because of the debuff, but you avoid that entirely by never jumping into the pipe. Disengage Glyph is an absolutely MUST or you can miss the jump onto the belt and die.
You will need to dismiss your pet before doing the pipe walk or else they can potentially bug out at the top of the pipe and not come up with you on the belt. Here is a video of my second kill doing the pipes (we use 3 hunters and one extra DPS rotating with us):

The walls of beams on the belt have gaps in them which you need to walk through. Do not get hit by the beams.
BM is more controllable damage than SV with ToTH on this fight and you can essentially have Beast Within and Dire Beast up for every belt. You will most likely be doing this with other hunters, so coordinate your stampede with them (do not use at the same time). Use a spirit beast with a Spirit Mend self heal macro to keep yourself up. Depending on boss placement, healers may not be able to reach you and you WILL be taking environment damage from the boss platform:
/cast [@player] Spirit Mend

Heroic - You will do the belt about 9-10 times. You can jump into the pipe FIRST, FOURTH, EIGHTH assembly lines. Fourth and eighth pipes are important because of fire. Deterrence can be used to run through fire. Taking the Crouching Tiger talent is a must for this.
The beams on the belt in heroic cycle from right to left (facing the exit of the belt) and the gap remains in place for 3 seconds. You will see a fire bubble form when the beam is about to pop. You must run through this gap during this brief period. We are lucky enough to have the opportunity to practice pipe walk in LFR/Flex as much as we want, so take advantage of this.

Paragons of the Klaxxi

Normal - Follow your guild's kill order for the bosses.

Heroic - You will most likely be put on Aim line duty. Every time this goes out, use Disengage to get into your spot (if you are assigned towards the middle of the room, make sure you have Glyph of Disengage for the further travel). DO NOT use Deterrence unless it is absolutely necessary to survive. If you do not soak the damage you can potentially kill the other players in the line.
Not hunter related, but everyone asks about this: when you are transformed into a scorpion, you must press #4 to eat one to avoid death. If your #4 ability is not on cooldown, you did not eat one and you will die.
If other buffs are covered, use a Spirit Beast for the self heal (or can help heal others with this mouse over macro):
#showtooltip Spirit Mend
/cast [@mouseover,help][@player] Spirit Mend
Crouching Tiger is a must for the many uses of Deterrence. Make sure to make a pet attack macro so your pet actively moves to the Hungry Kunchongs.
There is a lot of spacial awareness going on in this fight. Make sure you know exactly what is around you at all time. You will have to move around quickly.

Garrosh Hellscream

Normal -

XI. Weak Aura Codes

You can get the addon here:
Once installed, typed /wa and the window will open. Look for "IMPORT" at the bottom of the list of options and paste the code that you wish below. You can then move the icon around your screen to where you like it and resize it.

Serpent Sting tracking
Only activates while in combat and your current target does not have serpent sting applied.
Looks like this (pink lines above your head):


Pet not out/dead pet
Looks like this (whistle above the head)


Malkorak Shield tracking


Dark Shamans heroic Iron Prison debuff


Not putting it here because it's massive, but here is a code for Heroic Sha that shows you when you are able to close a rift:
It's the second table and it looks like this:
12/10, good work :)
What an amazing compilation of extremely useful information! Thank you for all your hard work you put into this! =)
An easy and quick reference, nice post :)
12/08/2012 10:12 PMPosted by Paksanarian
An easy and quick reference, nice post :)

reported......... for sticky! anyways just a small add. orc's blood fury ap proc not listed. :)
This is really nice. I have a question though, could you include in the maro section the marco to cast a trinket and say beastial wrath at the same time? Thanks
12/08/2012 10:31 PMPosted by Irwinn
reported......... for sticky! anyways just a small add. orc's blood fury ap proc not listed. :)

Thanks! Will fix :)

12/08/2012 10:34 PMPosted by Kaygo
This is really nice. I have a question though, could you include in the maro section the marco to cast a trinket and say beastial wrath at the same time? Thanks

I didn't go too far into Macros because there is a sticky already in place. I'll go through and see if something like that is already listed in his post.
I love you...I mean reported for sticky
The agility required for a socket bonus to be worth taking is 60, not 80. However, do not take a socket bonus if it requires using more than 1 non-delicate gem. Just wanted to add that correction.

Also, the opener you listed can use a lot of improvements. During bestial wrath, you dont want to be wasting global cooldowns on stuff like dire beast and stampede. Instead, try to maximize your bestial wrath time by ensuring you wont have to refresh serpent sting, and by not wasting globals as mentioned above. For example, I go:

Serpent Sting
Glaive Toss
Dire Beast
Rapid Fire + Stampede Macro
Bestial Wrath + Kill Command Macro
Murder of Crows
Arcane Shots...Go from here

I want to stress how important it is to keep serpent sting up while also making the most of bestial wrath. During the opener, you want to be able to get sting up, use your first wrath, readiness/use 3 kill commands within the first wrath, and then use cobra shots after it is over to refresh your sting before using your second wrath. Avoid using cobra shot during bestial wrath at all costs, however i believe it is still worth using if your sting will fall off otherwise, though sometimes i find myself just casting a fresh SS at half cost.

Just some improvements that could be made. Overall definitely a good guide though for anyone looking for easy information.
Serpent Sting
Glaive Toss
Dire Beast
Rapid Fire + Stampede Macro
Bestial Wrath + Kill Command Macro
Murder of Crows
Arcane Shots...Go from here

Not sure about that. Why don't we want GT under BW? I can see leaving the first DB outside of BW, although it's a fairly small improvement. You can also time your second DB between BW's. Now that I think of it, you could probably also time your CoS in that place too. Your 2nd BW would be delayed a GCD or two, but that shouldn't affect anything long term, and you gain another AS or two while under BW.

And yes, using CoS to keep Sting up is worth it during BW.
Serpent Sting
Glaive Toss
Dire Beast
Rapid Fire + Stampede Macro
Bestial Wrath + Kill Command Macro
Murder of Crows
Arcane Shots...Go from here

Not sure about that. Why don't we want GT under BW? I can see leaving the first DB outside of BW, although it's a fairly small improvement. You can also time your second DB between BW's. Now that I think of it, you could probably also time your CoS in that place too. Your 2nd BW would be delayed a GCD or two, but that shouldn't affect anything long term, and you gain another AS or two while under BW.

And yes, using CoS to keep Sting up is worth it during BW.

Glaive Toss has an extremely high chance to proc trinkets, a lot of that having to do from the fact that it is 2 projectiles. That is why I use the first glaive toss right away, to try to get trinket procs going before the rest of cooldowns.

As for keeping that first serpent sting up, I wait until the readiness double kill command, then depending on how far the target is from me I either glaive toss as well or immediately get 1 cobra shot off. Then glaive toss, then another cobra shot, dire beast, then use the second bestial wrath. Also refresh rapid fire a few seconds later. I guess you could consider all of these "small improvements" but DPS is all about min/maxing, why not do what's best?
Thank you for your time and effort into this post, very helpful!

Good guide, glad it was stickied!
Glaive Toss has an extremely high chance to proc trinkets, a lot of that having to do from the fact that it is 2 projectiles. That is why I use the first glaive toss right away, to try to get trinket procs going before the rest of cooldowns.

As for keeping that first serpent sting up, I wait until the readiness double kill command, then depending on how far the target is from me I either glaive toss as well or immediately get 1 cobra shot off. Then glaive toss, then another cobra shot, dire beast, then use the second bestial wrath. Also refresh rapid fire a few seconds later. I guess you could consider all of these "small improvements" but DPS is all about min/maxing, why not do what's best?

GT doesn't 'have an extremely high chance' to proc trinkets, it just hits twice. I don't think fishing for procs with GT will show a DPS increase. Trinkets often don't proc until 15+ seconds into the fight, so I don't think it's reliable enough to be losing out on consistent damage. Also not sure about delaying the 2nd BW more than a GCD or two because if you do you're losing your pre-pot during or before the 2nd BW which is pretty significant.

Keeping SrS up is definitely an increase and only requires 1-2 CoS, which you can cast during RF.

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