Hunter Compendium 5.4

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question why crit>mastery>haste? other guides go crist>haste>mastery. Just want to understand why

It's because those are based off of simulations.
To quote Bullettime:

Because when looking at raw simulaitons, Haste plateaus still exist.

They just don't work when translating the game from a computer based simulation into real time combat when you take into account fight mechanics, human error, and special duties on fights like Tortos's turtle kicking or even standard AoEing that throw the entire thing out of whack and the concept out the window.

Haste plateaus still work for Marks given how much time it has between Chimeras but even then, the gap between Haste and Mastery isn't overly large and there's so much Haste on gear that you often don't even need to reforge for much.
awesome thanks!
When using how do I set the values for mastery>haste do i just swap the .75 and the 1.2
When using how do I set the values for mastery>haste do i just swap the .75 and the 1.2

That usually works.
Your amazing, thank you so much for this :)
I'm going to add these to the top. Thank you Whim. :)
I'm going to add these to the top. Thank you Whim. :)
No problem, my thread is still evolving ATM.
I've not played in a while. Wondering what spec is best for PvE atm?
ToT- Survival, so many multi target and target swapping fights it is better than BM. There are 3 fights in ToT that are better as BM, but most are aoe or cleave fights, and SV rocks those fights.

That said, if you are not a bleeding edge heroic raider, It does not matter. Play the spec you dps the best in. ATM, if you are just a heroic raider and not in the arms race, you prob want to stick with SV anyway.
Seems nothing has changed then lol How it was before hand.

May want to not suggest the Whitefyst guide. That crap is like reading the bible and anyone not familiar with the class ahead of time will get a headache. Hell, it even gives me a headache searching through walls of text. It's also not completely updated for 5.2.

To have some stuff for your Marks section.

Entry level-T14: Crit > Haste (3864) > Mastery > Haste
T15+: Crit > Haste (7896) > Mastery > Haste

Shot Priority

Serpent Sting
Chimera Shot (if applying Hunter's Mark)
Kill Shot
Rapid Fire
Steady Focus trigger
Murder of Crows
Dire Beast
Chimera Shot
Glaive Toss
Instant Aimed Shot
Aimed Shot (if Hasted enough or during Careful Aim)
Arcane Shot
Steady Shot


Enough Haste to use Aimed Shot outside of Careful Aim is when your Aimed Shot is at the 1.4 second mark, common during Rapid Fire and Heroism. Aimed Shot is a loss outside of those windows.

Recommend Dire Beast over Fervor as Marks has an easier time using the consistent Focus flow due to how the shot cycle is structured. Harder to bleed out large quantities of Focus at once and near impossible to not Focus cap with Fervor during Rapid Fire windows while maintaining Steady Focus.

Recommended glyphs of Deterrence, Animal Bonding, and Chimera Shot. Aimed to substitute Chimera Shot if a fight has required movement during your Careful Aim window (will be covered under a possible tips and tricks section.)

Fit in the info how and if you want.


I don't know what that means :(

So fist bumping?

Anyways, I have a question about BiS weapons for us. Just recently a Voice of the Quilen dropped while I wasn't in on the kill and one of our raid leaders was teasing me that I commented on missing out on it. Not because I missed out on the upgrade, but he teased about how I wanted over my current Shattered Tortoiseshell Longbow because "its a haste gun."

He kept trying to tell me that I should focus on getting Durumu's Baleful Gazebecause of the secondary stats being the most benficial to me. I can understand his reasoning since crit is our best secondary stat, with all the hit and exp on all the other weapons, getting capped on those stats is really easy. I was trying to argue with him that the reasoning behind not wanting Durumu's Baleful Gaze is because of the high end damage on it compared to the other ranged weapons.

This raid leader happens to be particularly stubborn about everything, no matter how much know about your own class, he knows it better.

Back to my question. Was I wrong in the point I was trying to make with him? How could I explain it better or if I was wrong, what am I wrong about so I can have a better understanding in the future?

Thanks in advance.
Look at the base agility between the 3 weapons. With Iron Qon's gun, it's like having a free gem (170 more).
The bow's blue socket can be iffy to gem for if you already have a lot of hit, which is very easy to go over this tier.
The numbers are the tighest between the high and low end damage on the crossbow. But we want the highest high end damage, while trying to avoid a really lower low end damage.

Gap difference in high vs low damage:
10838 - gun
10249 - bow
6833 - xbow

That stinks you are dealing with a raid leader like that.
Use if you need to show him numbers.
Thanks Mezasu.

I did point out the agility to him when this conversation happened, but didn't mention it in my post. And when I pointed out, he pointed our simcraft and said takes too long.

I've never used simcraft before, but I trust femaledwarf enough to not bother.

Thanks again.
he pointed our simcraft and said takes too long.

I am so sorry to hear that.

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