Gathering Professions and Windwool Bag

I realize that the latter half of the title of this message has already been discussed, but I wanted to add fuel to the fire of this frustration.

First let me say that I’ve been participating on and off with WoW since beta, so I’ve been around to see the changes, and, overall, great improvements that have been developed to make this game more enjoyable from visuals to mechanics.

However, something that, as a community, we have often complained about is bag space. And, with the cata expansion I felt as though bag space had finally reached a management conclusion. It had been solved. However, this expansion has had ENORMOUS new items to consider. From the dozens of fun random “oh that’s silly” (which I do love!) items that can be used to blow up creatures or throw down a party keg, to the absurd amount of floating windwool, to the ridiculous cooking matts, there is simply no room.

What’s more, being a generally casual crafter, I have long since moved into the world of gathering as my primary professions. As I roam the world and do dailies I pick up the random mine or herb and then throw it on the AH for slim, but appreciable, profits. This, of course, only magnifies my bag woes.

However, this expansion feels rather bag-space and gatherer broken. First, I have no options (except for the disgustingly rare bags) to alleviate my space concern (and, generally get that “ahhh” feeling of improving my character’s carrying capacity with each expansion).

Second, there are gathering items EVERYWHERE. It’s appalling. The ONLY rarity is trillium and golden lotus (and those levels are still too high, but I can accept them). However ghost iron and all the rest are literally everywhere. It’s so much, so so so much, that there’s almost no point in farming them. The time it takes to go over and click on them is just annoying. It’s not fun. There’s no joy in discovery, no feeling of profit. It’s a grind. And it feels broken.

You could, also, do something like what you’ve done with pets and mounts. You could make it so we can “learn” all of these fun, silly items. Where they become spells that we can be cast at any time to throw down the party keg, or blow up a creature, then we wouldn’t have to carry them all around or lose them to our dwindling storage.

I realize you’re looking to please everyone. So, then, do SOMETHING with all those nodes. Bring back the occasional gem discovery! Make it possible for my ghost iron mining to SOMETIMES do SOMETHING SPECIAL. Instead of giving me just another set of nearly worthless ghost iron.

tl:dr : (1) Gathering needs to be more special with on-gather buffs, low % gem drops, or reduced nodes. Scarcity brings pleasure. (2) We need windwool 24 slot bags.
Like I said in the other thread, I would buy windwool bags, provided that their number of slots was a multiple of four.
I have noticed a series of posts regarding a reduction in the number of herb nodes. Congrats! Thank you! That's wonderful news. Now, to fix ghost iron, add more on-gather buffs, and introduce a windwool bag, please!
Re: Windwool bags

I admit I'm a little biased against windwool bags since I have a lot of Illusionary bags still floating around unsold, but they kind of demonstrate a problem. The exponential price curve for extra slots doesn't seem to work well for bags.

I'm on an RP server, where hoarding all kinds of useless junk is extremely common, and I still can't sell giant bags (possibly because such collectors are always broke). I'm gradually dropping price to stay around 1/3 of Royal Satchels, but I fear I'm gonna have to firesale them before the price of silk completely collapses.

Bottom line- If a windwool 24-slot did exist, it would utterly destroy any demand for Royal Satchels, and you'd be better off skipping the daily silk.
Agree with Breathkeeper, this past weekend I started buying Royal Satchels for my main at 8.5k gold on average (2.5k over my "max" price...tired of waiting for price drop). Still want 4 bags for my monk, but I wouldn't bother if I could get a 24-slot windwool cloth bag.

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