I Am Not A Shaman

I am not a Shaman. I think it's a fun class, I think it has some cool options, I think it could really appeal to me, but unfortunately it is not one of the classes I started out with. So I want to say, with fevor, that Shaman is not a class I play consistently. But I strongly feel that this nerf to shaman totems is totally unreasonable. Why? Because shaman buffs BUFF THE PARTY. A nerf to Shaman is a nerf to every party a shaman is in. I enjoy having shaman because they bring interesting and powerful buffs to every member of the party. Making totems "spells" is a huge mistake.
No you don't understand. Elemental NEEDED a nerf! It was much too overpowered, as you can clearly see from all the high rated teams with elemental shamans.
Shamans haven't buffed since the totem overhaul. But now they suck even more with silence-able totems lol.
3/10 almost got trolled by op.

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