[H 10] 8/16H 3-4 Days Recruiting

Guild Recruitment
Guild: Antisocial Club
Realm: Hyjal
Faction: Horde
Raid Type: 10 Man
Progress: 6/6H MV, 2/6H HoF, 4/4 TES (Elite)
Schedule: Tue/Wed/Thu 7-11 PM Server Time
Potential Extra Days: Sun 5-9 PM, Mon 7-11 PM Server Time
Recruiter Contacts: Xinc#1314, Corvala, Mylie

Core Raid Recruitment Needs:
Disc/Shadow Priest **High**
Resto/Ele Shaman **High**
Resto/Balance Druid **High**

Currently accepting applications from all classes and specs

Antisocial Club is currently looking for excellent players for full-time positions in our core raid roster. We require that you are able to play all specs associated with your class, and that you have a minimum item level of 485. Please ensure that you're available for at least one of the potential extra days listed above in addition to the standard raid schedule. We would prefer someone who is on Pacific Time, unless your work/life schedule enables very late night play.

Ideal candidates go above and beyond knowing how to execute their spell priority properly, and take their play to the next level by being highly communicative, attentive, versatile, and adapting exceptionally well to high intensity situations.

The Raid
We are a hardcore progression raid and attempt to get as much done in our limited 3 day raid schedule as we possibly can. Because we run a tight roster, we do not take absences lightly and expect raiders to make 95% of all progression raids. Our raid schedule is Tuesday through Thursday from 7-11pm server time. Raiders are required to be online 10 minutes before raid for invites. Sometimes we do run a little late or add an extra day when we're close to killing a boss.

Our raids are not drama-filled yelling-fests. We're calm, collected raiders and we try not to be hot-headed. We go into boss fights knowing what we need to do, how to handle our roles best for the situation, and how to be an asset to the team. We fess up to our mistakes when we make them, and strive to fix them on the next attempt.

The Guild
Our guild has a friendly, casual atmosphere with some fantastic raiders who are dedicated to progressing and are always looking for ways to improve. We help all our members with as many needs as we can accommodate. We provide gems, enchants, help people level professions, and more.

We don't do nice things because we want to put strings on people. First and foremost, we do it because we enjoy helping people, but in addition we do it because it encourages everyone to do the same and promotes a great environment for our guild. We're rooted in tight-knit friendships and a small-community feel.

If you're interested in joining, please reply to this thread or contact Xinc#1314, Mylie, or Corvala in game for an evaluation and more information. We're humbled by your interest and look forward to talking to you.

If you think you can be a valuable member, but you're not one of the above classes/specs, we'd still love to hear from you.
Please be able to handle constructive criticism well and not make excuses or talk back defensively when you make a mistake. We are here to work as a team and help each other out to be the best we can be. We use Mumble. We would prefer to have someone that doesn't have constant mic/headset problems since communication during progression is very helpful! :)
We would accept a disc priest w/ strong Shadow OS and Boomkin w/ strong resto OS right away.
Updated recruitment needs.
Still looking, please contact us if you're interested!
Will be around here all day, leave a message if you want to talk!
Hit me up!
Updated recruitment needs
Still looking
Updated recruitment needs
still looking for excellent players
Still looking
still looking!

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