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Sorry to clutter, but in regards to PvE Fury, every thread, convo, guide I read tells me to avoid haste at all costs, yet whenever I add an item with haste to my toon, my "dps" stat on my paper doll goes up. Likewise, whenever I subtract haste, my dps goes down.

edit : again, this is on my paperdoll, Ive yet to compare the two on a target dummy

Can anyone help with the confusion? Thanks in advance
Haste is the lowest priority for any Warrior spec, not just Fury.

Haste improves your DPS because DPS is a calculation of damage per second, which is calculated by comparing the damage of an attack by often you can make an attack. But I believe that DPS stat is "white damage" from auto-attacks. Our damage mostly comes from active attacks (yellow damage), and white damage isn't a big factor.

This is just what I've gathered, I don't claim to be an expert on this.
Being more specific about your gear-swapping might make it clearer to you.

Significant jumps in item level will typically increase DPS by way of your primary stat, Strength (exceptions being minor upgrades in which a piece with a generous amount of Critical Strike is replaced with one lacking it).

It's not that Haste isn't beneficial to DPS, but rather that its effect is minimal relative to Strength and Critical Strike (a secondary stat so integral to Fury it frequently outvalues Strength), Mastery, and even Hit applied to offhand auto-attacks.

Haste does only one thing for warriors uniquely: it reduces the time between auto-attacks. This increases auto-attack (or "white") damage, and increases the amount of rage generated per unit of time. Unfortunately, the yield of damage from rage is actually low. Factors like Enrage uptime, weapon damage and attack contact matter much more. Yes, in greater and greater amounts Haste translates into high damage through Heroic Strike (see: Captain Cookie), but since gear is budgeted, there's no way to achieve such a level of Haste without sacrificing more effective stats.
Paperdoll DPS is autoattack DPS, and it doesn't even take into account most of your stats. It's not a very useful metric.
Of course haste increases your dps. The thing is, an equal amount of another secondary stat will make it go up more.
Thanks for the replies!

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