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Bleeding Hollow
Hello everyone, GuildLeader Sozzin here looking for competent skillful individuals for our 10man Core progressive team.

We are happy to welcome all Skillful players to help build a core 25man team (Our focus is to transition into 25 ASAP)
Until then we'll be focusing to progress as far into 10mans as humanly possible.

Our Times -
Tuesday 6:30Pm-9:15Pm
Thursday 6:30Pm-9:15Pm
Saturday 4Pm-8:30Pm

We require our core members to be able to make all 3 days and all raid times, we accept some raid miss once in a while provided you have good reasons.
Friendly raid environment and positive attitude is a must, we don't like to baby anyone. Enchants, flasks and potions are sometimes available in guild banks however we encourage you to bring you own at all times!

- We welcome new raiders to try and raid with us but if they fail to listen or repeatedly make the same mistakes we have no problem replacing them or benching them until they get more practice.

- Raid times are always raid times, and you shouldn't be distracted by other things and willing to commit the couple hours you are in raid!
We do intervals of 1 hour each then take a 5 minute break for BiO or other distractions.

Please be 463+ilvl, fully gemmed and enchanted!
Current OPENING - We are welcoming every class/spec

Shamans - Elemental / Enhance
Paladins - Holy / Protection /
Death knight - Frost / Blood
Monks - Windwalker / Brewmaster
Druids - Feral / Moonkin / restoration
Priest - Disc / Shadow / Holy

Our Progression as a guild at the moment is 6/6 Mogu'Shan Vaults

I'm the raid leader currently with 14/16Normal - 2/16HM progression under my belt.

Please leave a Message here on the Forums or Contact Sozzin/Mizusaki/Gilco Via Game!
2nd Bump =]
I'm interested
Spookin, message me in game when you can if you're still looking.
Sylsdexyia! =]
Congrats to us for 6/6 MSV - now for HOF =]
need a tank for 25.

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