Event times not displaying properly

Mobile Bug Report
In the past, event times on the calendar of the mobile app would display in my local time, and I was able to plan for this. With the update, however, all times are set as if they're PST, then the offset is calculated from that. For example, my guild had an event tonight that was was at 7pm server time, and that's what the in-game calendar said. That would be 8pm my local time. (Server is CST, I'm EST.) The app said that the raid was happening at 10pm, which would be correct if the 7pm was PST.

I hope this makes sense; I think it's pretty clear. Basically, guild event times don't display properly in the app.
I'm having this same problem. Event times in the Mobile Armory are 3 hours later than when they actually are scheduled for in-game.
Thanks for the report. We are aware of this issue and plan to have it fixed sometime in the near future.

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