So I just got started questing in Kun lai summit, and while im doing my quests and killing all the baddies, i'm at risk of dying if i get more than 2 mobs on me. healing is just so damn low even with leeching poision, however my gear isn't good, but it also isn't bad and yet im having trouble killing some of the most basic mobs. Out of all of my other 90s i never had this problem except on my rogue, how do you guys deal with this annoying disadvantage while questing?
Before i even began questing i went to the AH and bought an 85 sword that was ilvl 450. Kept my damage solid till about 88 and then things went downhill bad. That was really the only way i was able to deal with it to a certain point. After that i just sort of trudged along. Hang in there little buddy! It get's better.
Good to hear that, my love for rogues is the only thing keeping me going at this point, haha
That love will be tested over and over until you are 90. Then tested some more.
Stealth. Saps. Gouges. Pick and choose your fights. If quests don't involve killing anything, do your best to avoid combat, you'll get it done faster still than the people who have to AoE plow through it all.

Oh and you get the advantage of a 90s Blind. :D If you get two, you can always Blind one and work the other.
I've noticed that I'll be doing a quest and having to be very careful picking my battles and using my CC....then a warrior or DK will dive into a pool of mobs and begin a slaughter reminiscent of the movie Dead Alive.
Still, I think tools like shadowdance (remember you can chain stun multiple mobs for damage mitigation or escape), gouge, blind, kicks, dismantle, talent feints, CoS, etc are enough to keep us alive if we start getting !@#$%^-*ed, if only just barely.
Glyph of Deadly Momentum + 5pt recuperate and 4pt slice and dice off your first kill.

Shiv for health and gouge / KS / evasion / vanish when required.

I really like leveling as combat, blade flurry / killing spree / AR + SB makes most things pretty easy. We are REALLY papery while leveling, though. Just be cautious of pulling more than you can handle.

I remember the first few days of golden lotus dailies being particularly frustrating.

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