Fist weapon transmog help

anyone have any ideas for a cool fist weapon i can xmog. i have plenty of different gear sets i can use so just looking for a cool looking fist weapon i can use.
Claws of Al'ar from Al'ar in TK probably coolest looking weapon in the game.

Fists of the diety from troll place in northern
Molten claw from hyjal
You could get the bear claws from MC. Not as amazing as ^ but who wouldn't want a pair of bear claws for hands?
Talon of the Phoenix matches Wrathful set really well.
I've always been a fan of Kinetic Ripper or The Masticator from Ulduar 10, plus it would go well with the Timeslicer.
look at my character
I'm really happy with the way my transmog set is. In fact, I don't think I'll ever want to change it, it just fits together too good. You can't see it in this site's armory, but the fist weapon I use is both really easy to obtain and matches tier 7.5 perfectly.
Look at mine
Calamity's Grasp

Rolling down the street...
Calamity's Grasp

Rolling down the street...

You could use either

Boggspine Knuckles
Claw of the Watcher

and have a pet you keep on your fist.
as with a few posts up calamity's grasp is the best weapon animation of any weapon in the game.
dw them is just awesome.
dualwielding calamity's grasp is just amazing.
I personally love the nefarian fists
i use the Fist of the Diety. i dont remember where it drops from but it was a blue BC fist weapon
Tempest keep drops Talon of the Phoenix which is cool .
As has been said, Fist of the Deity and Calamity's Grasp are good options.

Other fists I've been looking at as of late have been:
Claw of the Black Drake
Mounting Vengeance
Silithid Claw

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