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Hey jaikk we be just what your looking for heres a little about us. (and we do have an immediate core spot for the right shaman healer)

SHE LOOKED LVL EIGHTEEN is a 25/10m raiding guild on Eonar, consisting of player from top US 100 guilds who want to enjoy the game and down content in a competitive manner. We are looking for players who are competent and capable of performing at the level of some of our best players, so that we may push for top US rankings and enjoy it while we do so.

We pride ourselves in our ability to push endgame content with a hardcore ability and mentality while having a 3-day a week schedule. We run a small roster as to give our Raiders Optimal raiding time roster usually runs 30-35 max. (pretty much your being recruited to raid not sit on the bench). Spots here are earned and we give every new recruit the chance to fight for a spot and prove they deserve it. We also run a semi-hardcore progression 10m on weekends late night and alt runs all the time.

25m Raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Times: 8:30 (invites) 9-12:30 (we dont pull after 12:30)

Please be minimum 474 ilvl 4/6 MV progression

If your interested visit www.slle.co or msg me at my realID benker1000@aol.com or battletag trytrotic#1111 for any questions or for more info
I'm from a 10-man guild raiding Wed, Thurs, Mon from 9-11PM EST.
We are made up up from ex-hardcore raiders (Finished DS US56) who can no longer commit to long raid schedules, hence the 6 hour raid week schedule.
We still maintain our hardcore performance and expect nothing less from other raiders.
If you are interested in such a guild. Please contact me via Battletag: Drowsy#1438 or visit our website: memories.enjin.com
I look forward to talking with you.

1) a guild that has a 3-night per week raid schedule
2) a guild that raids no later than 12am EST on those nights
3) a guild with a least the same progression as me or more, preferably more
no check, but please look for the future. we could easily be farther into the tier, but instead of pugging the last few spots and teaching pugs the fights (which is of no future benefit to us) and head instead decided to wait until we fill some more spots.
4) a stable guild that has been in existence for some time and is not about to fold or fall apart
The core of the guild has raided together for a very long time. We have together endured through failing guilds and guilds changing raid times. In the end, we decided to start our own guild as a result of those.
5) a guild that actually NEEDS a resto shaman, just not wanting to add a 3rd, or just another bench player or healer
You will have a full time spot. As a 10-man guild, we will hold a full time roster of 11 raiders with 1 extra DPS. Though we have 3 healers, one of them is a holy/spriest who will play Shadow on 2-heal fights. As a result, you can expect to raid all raid nights.
6) a guild LF a resto shaman for a CORE spot
I believe my answer to 5 applies.
7) a guild that gives away cake and sometimes pie (kidding, just the pie is needed)
I don't hand out baked goods of any kind. You can ask a warlock for a cookie tho.
8) a guild housed on a New York or Chicago datacenter
We are on zul'jin which is based off the Chicago datacenter
Hey Jaikk,

After reading your post you seem to be exactly what Tempest is looking for. We're 7/16 hardmode 25 man right now and only have 1 Resto shaman. We've been running 25 mans consistently since Burning Crusade and we aren't going anywhere. We are looking for another to round out our healing core. The only problem I can see here is that we raid 4 days a week: Monday-Thursday from 8pm-midnight EST. If you think you could swing 4 days and are interested in us, I would love to hear from you. My battle tag is Rabid#1960. I'll link our recruitment post and Website below if you'd like some more information about us.

Thanks for your consideration.


Thanks so much for your reply, but I cannot raid on Mondays, due to work. I should have put this in my initial post.
<Avoid> was formed on January 14, 2012 by 3 real life friends. After having an extensive raid background, we felt that it was time to create our own guild. Month's behind in the current content, we were able to find like minded individuals who enjoyed pursuing progression, and cleared through all current content in tier 13. Now MoP has landed and we have recently transferred to Illidan for a better outreach of skilled players since it was impossible to fill our raid spots with competitive players. Several of our core raiders stream their raids and other games providing certain income. Also several of us take interest in our class and write guides for the community. We are also sponsored by Wicked Audio.

Current progression:
2/6HM MSV : 4/6HoF - we are in our rebuild phase so we understand that we are behind in progression, having said that we only raid 9 hours a week and expect our raiders to be experienced enough to not hold us back during these times.

Only looking for mature and experienced raiders:
druid (balance)
druid (restoration)
druid (feral-dd)
shaman (resto)

Raid Schedule
Mon / Tues / Wed 7:00PM - 10:00PM EST
if only we can get 90% of raid for an extra night (Sunday 7:00PM) for extra progression.

What we expect from you:
1. A long term home, and where not only do we just play WoW but other games together as well. We keep our egos at the door, and want to have fun and realize we are humans behind the pixels. Though we do take our raiding serious, we want people who are open to criticism.

2. 90% Raid Attendance. If it becomes a problem you will be replaced.

3. Be prepared, research, and execute at a skilled level. If you cannot fix your mistakes do not apply.

You can apply on our old website www.derpwood.net and fill out an application there. Our new website ( avoidguild.com ) is under construction. Also visit our YouTube page so you can view all of our kill videos with vent to give you an idea of how our raids are.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Real ID: nick609@gmail.com
Thanks for posting. As per my original post, I cannot raid on Mondays.
So you are looking for a stable progression guild.

+7 year old guild and counting. Same original leadership.

Currently #86 US 10m. We compete for realm firsts and part of our roster is made up of former bleeding edge progression raiders. And we do it in 12 hours a week Fri/Sat/Sun 7-11p EST. Make no mistake about it, we bring a new definition of excellence to the term "weekend warrior." At the end of the day, we're the #1 established and progressed Horde weekend raid guild in North America according to Wowprogress.

While we aren't 4+ days a week, we go hard. Currently 6/6HM MSV, 2/6HM HoF and 4/4 ToES. Think you have what it takes to help us go faster?

shadeofarrows.darkbb.com - website


Cobane#1358 - RID
Hi Jaikk,

I encourage you to look at us. We are an older group of individuals whom like to get together on weekdays and Sundays to clear content. We offer all of the criteria that you have wanted, and we are looking for a full time resto / ele shaman (more stress on playing elemental). I know that we raid four days / week; however, as long as you don't have overwhelming rounds, like myself, I feel you will fit in perfectly.

<Momento Mori>
Sun/Tues/Wed/Thurs 8:15pm-11:30pm EST – Less during farm periods

-MSV: 5/6 HM - Will very soon!
-HoF 6/6 Normal
-ToES 4/4 - Protectors Elite mode

Battle Tag: Jerry#1763
<Gloryhogs> is a casual 25 man raiding guild that has been on Smolderthorn since 2005. We are the #1 25 man guild on Smolderthorn and are currently recruiting the following classes:

- Frost/Unholy Death Knights
- Feral Druids
- Hunters
- Holy Paladins
- Disc/Holy Priests
- Shadow Priests
- Elemental Shamans
- Resto Shamans
- Warlocks

Our raid schedule:
Tues/Thur: 9:00PM - 12:30AM EST

Raid Streaming at: http://www.twitch.tv/unghanda

Our progression:
- Mogu'shan Vaults = 2/6HM
- Heart of Fear = 6/6NM
- Terrace of Endless Spring = 4/4NM

Latest Accomplishments:
- Realm First Normal Will of the Emperor (US #38)
- Realm First Heroic Madness of Deathwing (US #115)
- Realm First Heroic Ragnaros
- Realm First Heroic Sinestra
- Realm First Heroic Cho'gall
- Realm First Heroic Al'akir
- Realm First Heroic Nefarian

What we require:
- Appropriately geared for raiding content
- Able to meet our raid times
- Know your class
- Good Attitude
- Willing to be the right spec

If interested please apply at: http://www.gloryhogs-guild.com

or feel free to contact Unghanda#1664, or Rahge#1567.
I am the GM and raid leader of NPH FanClub, We are a 25 man progression raiding guild on Bleeding Hollow Alliance. We would be interested in speaking with you about a spot in our core raiding group.

We are currently in the top 300 US for 25 mans and climbing the ranking ladder each week. We were a prior top 100 world guild that took a break and are eager to regain our prior ranking. Currently working on our heroic push through content.

We are currently recruiting exceptional raiders to fill key spots in our core group! We're looking for players who know their class and how to maximize their performance, and who are eager to push progression at a competitive pace.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 8pm-11:30pm EST with optional alt raids and gdkp raids on the offnights.


Real ID/battletag:
Draxillvane#1108, balto#1657, monty#1546, windsor#1634, yogiz#1298
<Chosen> is a Heroic Mode raiding guild on the alliance side of Ner'zhul. We are focused on 25m progression and we are recruiting for Mists of Pandaria.

Our raid times are Tuesday/Thursday/Monday 6:00pm - 10:00pm Server Time (PST). We run a Loot Council system that rewards players based on attendance and performance in raids.

Mogu'Shan Vaults - 5/6 HM
Heart of Fear - 2/6 HM
Terrace of Endless Spring - 4/4 N

Exceptional players are encouraged to apply regardless of current recruitment needs!!!

What <Chosen> Brings to You:
• A raiding core that has been together for multiple years starting from the previous
expansion with players from multiple top 50 US guilds.
• An environment where performance is valued above all else.
• Like minded, progression oriented raiders.

What is Wanted from You:
• You should be, above all else, motivated to kill heroic bosses.
• Your attendance needs to be at least 90%. You will be an integral part of our raid group
and not recruited for the bench.
• Know your class. DPS: Always be able to put out the maximum amount of damage your
class/gear is capable of. Healers: If a fight calls for seven healers, be motivated to
attempt it with four or five.
• Quickly be able to understand new fight mechanics. This current tier of raiding introduces
mechanics that haven't been seen in previous tiers, your goal is to master them in the
least possible number of attempts.
• You must be able to receive constructive criticism. Everyone makes mistakes, what will
set you apart from other players is the ability to recognize a problem and be able to work
through it.

If you're interested in joining <Chosen> apply at www.chosennerzhul.com.
Also contact us through RL ID or battle tag:
Beastyn - Beastyn#1194
Aryxia - nikki_n23@hotmail.com or Aryxia#1523
Greetings =D

Our guild <Shady Shenanigans> is currently recruiting for exceptional players for MoP and we are looking for a skilled players for our new 10man team!

We are a well-established late night raiding guild on its permanent home on Gul'dan (US-CST, Chicago datacenter) with the goal to be Top 200 US and server first in every raiding tier in MoP - we are interested in like-minded raiders. Below are our raiding teams with days/times.

Recruiting for:

Team Broll - 10 man: Progression - Forming
Evening raiding - 6pm - 10pm CST
Days Tues/Wed/Thurs

Team Geronimo - 10 Man: Progression - Forming
Afternoon Raiding - 1pm - 5pm CST
Days - Tues/Sun/Mon

Other Teams:

Team Canna BiS - 10man: Progression 6/6 MV 2/6 HoF
Late-night raiding - 12am-2:30am CST (10pm-12:30am PST, 1am-3:30am EST)
Days - Tues/Wed/Thurs.

Team Floor Boss - 10 Man: 1/6 HM
Late night raiding - 12am - 2:20am CST (10pm - 12:30am PST. 1am-3:30am EST)
Days - Tues/Wed/Thurs

Team DisneyLandPimpz - 10man:
Evening raiding - 9pm-12pm CST (7pm-10pm PST, 10pm-1am EST)
Days - Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs.

Team BurntCereal - 10man:
Late-night raiding - 1am-4am CST (11pm-2am PST, 2am-5am EST)
Weekends - Fri/Sat

We also have alt runs on weekends that are set up based on a first-come, first-served basis. We also welcome socials to join the guild and one of our goals is to have a community feel amidst a serious raiding atmosphere.

If you might be interested in any of the above raid times or in any more info, please contact me or one of the officers on real ID and check our the links to our website and main recruitment post below.

My Real ID: Shortnsweet0366@hotmail.com
Real id for Guild Master (Pnutbutter): shadyshen@yahoo.com

Good luck on finding a guild right for you!
Cannaestia on Gul'dan

Links in regards to our Guild!
Website: http://shadyshenanigans.enjin.com
Hi Jaikk,

Hope you haven't found a guild yet, since I'm hoping you'll join ours.

<Persevere> is on US-Tanaris[A] which is based on the east coast as you requested (low latency), we raid Sat & Sun 7-10pm EST, which should be early enough for you.

Our guild is #2 server for progression @ 16/16N, 3/16H - HOWEVER, I want to be upfront and I have a small disclaimer: I lead an independent raiding group in the same guild that is not as far progressed. That said, all of my raiders are excellent and you can expect to be pushing progression beyond 8/16 (where you are now) very shortly after joining us. The reason for this is that we formed late in MoP and this is the only reason we have not caught up to our other group.

This is not a copy-and-paste post. I have a serious, immediate need for a resto shammy that is dedicated and wants to make the most out of a light 6 hour/week raid schedule.

Please contact me directly in-game via RealID @ lessthanzero#1580 or apply directly at our website: http://persevere.enjin.com so we can move the process along.

I can guarantee you a full-time spot with us. You will not be benched or sat out. Hope to hear from you soon!
Hi Hi.

I feel we could be a match on several levels.

1) We are 7pm to 10:15pm Tue Wed Thur. You will see from our spam we a niche cater to EST jobs and lives.

2) yeah we stop well b4 12. EST Rulez.

3) Same or more progression as requested.

4) Stable for 2+ seasons , Nailed all heroics last season.

5) & 6) WE need a resto-sham. Im tired of de'ing all our Int mail. Only other mail user is Hunter. Its a core spot where you and Monk would be main 2 heal crew, and Id be 3rd healer for fights that take 3. Not having to force our hunter into Beast and Ancient hound for Bloodlust would be a nice thing a perma shammy would bring.

7) Im sorry but cake AND pie, are unhealthy, and also lies.

8) Executus - Est server, pretty sure New York data-center from when I checked years ago. (Correct me if Im wrong)

Due to the nature of most of my raiders joining us for our niche time frames, (which complies with 3rd shift work or 6am EST jobs), the guild is chock full of mature professionals looking to kill all heroics in an efficient and fun manner. (have helicopter pilot, analysts, several military... SO lets add a DOCTOR!)

OK now to the spam so you khow what we are about...

Our Raid schedule is TUE,WED,THU (7:00pm - 10:15pm est).

Our Motto is ---> "Heroic Progression, Purples, and Sleep"

We are here to create a raiding environment catering to the sleep schedules of real REAL EST jobs.

We also use a "9 hours a week model", further catering to real life beyond the game. WE used this model to successfully raid all heroic content in DS, and are looking to do the same for Panda-land.

-->Show for raid times, flasks provided, repairs provided, potions provided, food provided, be done for rest of evening . (*For MOP* Raiding members will have to till a farm for 9 weekly Golden Lotus(3 nights), since no more Cauldron **Ook U Blizzard**). Its a sweet deal, if your reliable enough to maintain your attendance, and keep the "research with top performance mindset" needed to tackle heroics in a timely fashion.

We have 1 raiding roster spot for a Tank/DPS or Tank/Heal (non pally) spot, or can work with a Heal/DPS Shaman.

We get achieves, the special mounts, the titles, the nerd-points, for every raiding member on the roster. A nifty benefit for participating in a small roster guild. If you are reliable and want to have fun raiding, come join us!

If you are interested, you can contact Mouze, in game on the Executus server, (battletag : Dirty30Mouze#1578 ; realid : peytonwhite@hotmail.com) and start the process there.

I am looking at websites and talking with people who've posted. Thanks for the replies. Haven't finalized anything yet.
Hello my guild has been around for a while. During cata was mostly 10 mans but with the change to gear in 25s we are upgrading to a 25 man guild. We will have a 6 man core healing team and 2 hybrids. We are in need of either a resto shaman or mistweaver monk for the final core healing team.
We raid Tuesday-Thursday 6-9 server time (pst) on the Ner'zhul server. We are currently 5/6 msv and 1/6 hof 25 man progression. and our 10 man before the change was better than that. Once the core positions are complete and we are not pugging anymore for raiding, i expect us to progress much more effectively.
Contact me in game or any guildy and ask for a officer or add my Battletag Boss#1658 with recruitment in the request. Oh and you can ask miniwaffle for the pie and cake!
Found u online. Tried to talk. Blocked by your chat - spam filter settings....
Hi Jaikk, we recently received an opening for A restoration shaman and would love to have you! Here is our info below:

Guild: Culture shock
Faction: Horde
Realm: Hyjal
Restoration Shaman
Holy Paladin or
Mistweaver Monk
Guild Progression:
Cataclysm - 8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul
MoP - 6/6 Mogu'shan Vaults
6/6 Heart of Fear
2/4 Terrace of Endless Spring
If you are interested in joining Culture Shock. Please Visit our guild website @ http://culture-shock.wowstead.com and apply online.
Raid Schedule:
Tuesdays - 9:00 - 11:30 PM
Saturdays - 4:00 - 10:00 pm
Sundays - 6:00 - 10:00 pm
All times are Pacific Standard Time (PST)
Any further questions you can contact us through in-game-mail or add my battle tag: Zacc#1379

We do spend a lot of time just hanging out in vent during the week making the game more enjoyable for most of us on our off raid times. Once again would love to have you and good luck on your search for a new home!
Hi I read your post, and your exactly what we need. You have a 100% spot if you can make the times. I know we go slightly longer than you want raid times. We've been thinking about changing the times to 9-12 est but thats not set in stone. Were also willing to work with you. We like to talk to first to make sure we are a good fit for you and what your looking for. please feel free to wisper me in game if your interested, or just want to talk! We look forward to talking to you. If not good luck with your search!

Hears some info about us.

Escaped from Arcatraz - US Executus - Horde (PvP/EST)

Escaped from Arcatraz is a long lasting guild, thats been around since WotLK. We strive as a guild to push ourselves in current content normal and heroic. Our Unity and competitiveness, has lead us to be focus and successful in progressing.

We offer:

Guild repairs
Food tables
A friendly and fun environment
Players who like to raid, pvp, do achievements, transmog runs, +more!
Knowledgable players who know there classes and put in extra time and effort to help us be successful!

What we look for:

Players with high attendance
Players who come prepared ( food, flasks, pots, fully repaired, gemed/enchanted properly, knowing the boss fights looking up strats and videos)
Players who know there class and always looks to improve
Players who can take constructive criticism and learn from mistakes

Our times:

Tuesdays: 9:30-12:30 est
Wednesdays: 9:30-12:30 est
Thursdays: 9:30-12:30 est

Progression: 25 man
MV 6/6
HoF 3/6

Progression: 10man
6/6 N MV
2/6 H MV
6/6 N HoF
4/4 N ToES

Loot system: We use a very fair loot counsel thats based on performance needs and upgrade value. Also showing up for raids helps, as it shows us your willing to put in the time, and its something you deserve.

Recruiting for: We are currently looking for players to reform our limited 25mans positions.

Classes and specs we need:

Druid: Boomkin/Restro
Priest: Shadow
Shaman: Elemental/Restro

If you feel like this is the guild for you, please fill out an application at


or contact one of our officers

myself Absolute#1230
Hi Jaikk,

My guild, Stoic, may fit your needs. We've been around since Vanilla and raided 40-man back then. I joined at the beginning of TBC and became an officer during WotLK.

We're the longest continuously raiding guild on our server (Bonechewer, PvP) and currently the only 25-man raiding guild left on Alliance side. We're currently 6/6 MSV, 3/6 HoF, and 1/4 ToES. We raid Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday from 6-9 server time, which would be 9-12 Eastern time (which would be when you need to be in bed by.) We also try to "clean up" whatever is left on 10-man on Sunday and/or Monday nights (Monday has been a rare even, thus far we've only gone back into a raid once on a Monday).

We have a good deal of active members many of whom are actively perusing both PvE and PvP achievements. As a semi-hardcore/casual raiding guild our primary goal is to make sure that everyone is having fun raiding and really enjoys the company and companionship of the other raiders.

You can contact me at battle tag Escher911#1544 or roll and alt on our server and ask anyone in guild to get myself of Hygeia.


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