485 ilvl boomkin/resto lf 25m guild

Guild Recruitment
still looking for a 25m guild horde or alliance
Shining Force

US - Mal'Ganis [Horde] - PVP

Raid Schedule: Tue, Wed, Thur

Raids Start @: 5:30PM PST / 7:30 CST / 8:30PM EST
Raids End @: 9:00PM PST / 11:00 CST / 12:00PM EST

Current Progress:

End of Cata:

8/8 25man Heroic Dragon Soul
US#31 25m 3days
US#112 25m


4/6 Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults
1/6 Heroic Heart of Fear
4/4 Terrace of Endless Spring
US#22 25m 3days
US#82 25m

You can see our most up to date progress and kill videos on Wow Progress:

Recruitment is currently open to:

Death Knight, Warrior, Paladin (DPS) [High]
Warlock [High]
Any class (Exceptional DPS) [High]

About Shining Force:

Established in 1998, with roots in gaming dating back even further, SF has made its mark on many games of various genres. Throughout our diverse history, a few defining traits have emerged which have since been held dear to the hearts of our leadership and members. As you'll read on our main splash page, we live by a code of loyalty and honor. However clichéd this may sound, these traits along with our higher than average guild age, have resulted in our always being amongst the small circle of the most respected guilds and clans in each game we play. We established our World of Warcraft chapter early during the beta and have been killing huge dragons and other nefarious creatures ever since. We strive to challenge ourselves as a guild by progressing through the newest tier of raid content. As a result, we are always in search of exceptional players who are looking for not just another WoW guild, but a multi-gaming guild with a rich and expansive history that they can be a part of and contribute to for several years to come.

An Ideal Applicant:

Meets minimum gear requirements for current progression content.
Has the desire to raid consistently and progress through current content.
Understands that attendance and commitment are two key factors to successful progression.
Has a long history of raid experience under his/her belt.
Actively communicates when needed, knowing when to speak and when to not.
Researches and reviews personal performance and works to improve flaws in their game play.
Wants to raid and progress solely for the thrill of progression while understanding that loot is a mere bonus.

How to Apply:

Submit an application at http://www.shiningforce.net

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please send a tell or in-game mail to Eazycheeze, Afterthought, Ragnoth, Ebolaa, Yumi, or Fenixember. Feel free to contact Eazycheeze via Real ID at Eazycheeze#1810.
<Vex> of Gorefiend (H)

Vex of Gorefiend is a 25 man guild founded in TBC.
We are currently 16/16; 4/16 H. We were 7/7 H Firelands, & 8/8 H Dragon Soul.

We have a solid progression raid team made up of focused and dedicated individuals looking to add exceptional players to an already solid roster. We offer competitive raiding in a mature but relaxed environment.

Currently accepting applications from all classes & specs.

Guild Website:

Raid Times:
Tues., Wed., & Mon.
8-11:30pm EST

Real ID Contact Info
Miusterga: Battle Tag: Miu#1977
Eprodigy: Eprodigy#1672
[H] - Evocati on Zul'jin is recruiting DPS for 25 mans. Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 8:30-11:30 est. Visit Evocati.enjin.com for more info.

Contact me at Vulp#1696 or Williamwolf#1372.
bump for justice

Heart Of Fear 4/6

Mogushan Vaults 6/6 Normal 1/6 Heroics

Terrace 3/4


We are well established guild, raiding on Stormscale Horde side since Dec 2010. Many of our officers and raiders are with us since the beginning, and our community is still growing. Mature, dedicated and passionate about raiding we always welcome experienced and active players to join our ranks. We are raising the bar to enjoy end game content on a high standard. We consider ourselves to be a big family, our raiding times are full of laughter and humor, but when it comes to progression, everyone is exerting maximum effort and attention.

Is Powered by Rice a hardcore guild? No, we are not. We'd consider us semi-hc: we are able to beat the current encounters and achieve the things that can be achieved in the game. But we are not doing it trying to get world or server firsts, raiding at 03:00 after a major content patch. No one said that we didn't have ambitions, but going into 12 hours of raids per day just isn't our treat - we have people who have families, work and enjoy free days out of wow. But when we raid, its serious enough.

Because we raid only three days a week, we expect 90% attendance, maximum focus and good raid preparation.

We are looking for people that:

- can raid Tuesday,Wednesday and Monday. (3/3 attendance)

- have a good and relevant raiding experience,

- are geared well enough to start current progression,

- have stable internet connection, decent computer and Ventrillo installed,

- have a good knowledge of your class and specs,

- have friendly attitude and are good team players,

- able to play under pressure and can take positive criticism

- are at least 18 years old.

As a guild we supply our raiders with raid consumables. This allows everyone to focus their schedules in enjoying the game and not endless farming for mats.

Raid Time (Server time) :

- Tuesday,Wednesday and Monday (7:00 to 11:00)pst
Those time can be extended during progression.

Our social community is mostly compose from raiders family members and friends. We are active and implicate on the server, organizing casual event and supporting new player. Welcome to re-roll, veteran or simply casual players that want to enjoy a laid back atmosphere with no pressure.

You can apply here http://poweredbyrice.enjin.com/

Skype: Powered.by.rice

Officers Battletags:
Kaoticsupa#1753 - Wengtot
Kadiliman#1112 - Garutay

For class specific needs, we're looking for these following classes as priority.

Druid - Resto, Feral, Boomkin
Monk - MW or DPS
Mage - Frost/Fire
Priest - Disc/Shadow
Hunter - BM / Surv
Pally - Ret / Holy
Shammy - Ele/Resto/Enh
DK - Dps

But exceptional raiders will always be welcome :-)
Hello, my guild is recruiting for 25 man core spots on the Ner'zhul server. We raid Tuesday-Thursday 6-9 server (pst). We are currently 5/6 MSV and 1/6 HoF after 2 weeks of raiding and are in hi need of a boomkin. We have been bringing pugs and that doesnt sit well with us. These last few raid spots are going to help solidify a core 25 man raiding team. If you are looking for a core spot around this progression status hit me up Boss#1658 is my battletag or contact myself or anyone in the guild and ask for a officer.
We're a mature, relaxed, progression minded guild which also has a lot of fun in 25 man raids. We're currently 6/6 in MV and 2/6 HoF. Please check us out below!

Guild Name: Wanderers
Realm: Whisperwind (PvE) (Horde)
Server Timezone: CST
Raid times: Wednesday/ Sunday/ Monday 7pm-10pm CST (server time)
Loot System:EP/GP
Provided: Flasks, feasts, enchant mats, and repairs.
Website: http://wanderaid.com/portal.php
Raid Leader: Muireartach (ask for Gru)
Battle Tag:Gru#1158

Recruitment: Core spots are available for a few solid heals, preferably of the Resto Shaman persuasion. Ideal applicants would have a solid raiding history and >90% attendance. They would have a deep understanding of their class/spec, and the ability to use online resources to maximize their dps or healing. Raiders are also expected to have studied up on the encounter before each raid.

<Wanderers> are a 25man progression minded raid on horde-side Whisperwind(US-PvE). Our raid nights are Wed/Sun/Mon from 7pm - 10pm CST(server) time. We are looking for a few more able raiders to flesh out its 25man raiding roster and replace those who dropped unexpectedly at the start of the expansion.

Wanderers were founded day 1 of Whisperwind, and have raided ever since, finishing the most recent last tier 8/8H DS. The atmosphere is fairly relaxed as we strive to walk a balance between the casual and a serious progression mentality. We're a friendly group, the core of which has been raiding together since Vanilla. The guild membership base is mature with a standing age limit of 18+ that we do waive with a decent interview.

Please feel free to Muireartach or ask any guildie for Gru, or check out our application at http://wanderaid.com/portal.php (top bar -application- If you have any issues with this or signing up on the site contact us via email below.), or feel free to email one of the recruiters at Wanderaidrecruitment@yahoo.com
12/08/2012 03:58 PMPosted by Kleptoo
i am looking for a 25man guild either alliance or horde. i am currentyl 6/16 normal in 10man. but i am looking to see if i can get back into 25mans .

Yay 25s~

Looking for a decent boomkin -- here comes the obligatory guild spam. Bottom line is during the Holidays we are doing 2 10 man groups and once they are over we are going back to 25s. Could use a decent boomkin.

<Sovereign> Alliance 25m US-Dragonmaw PvP
Mists of Pandaria: 2/6H MSV, 6/6 HoF, 4/4 Terrace of Endless Spring
Cataclysm: 8/8 HM DS
WoTLK: Full Clear HM ( including Halion )
Saturday + Sunday 7:30 - 11 PM PST

What we are looking for:

- Well rounded players that can push themselves to a superior level of play and that knows what it takes to achieve success. Right now joining us would give you a full-time raid spot in our 25m roster.

We are looking for the following classes:

- Feral druid
- Balance druid
- Elemental Shaman (Wind Lord AOE HOOOOOOOOOOO!)
- any exceptional players (especially of the ranged dps variety)


Who we are:

<Sovereign> has been around on Dragonmaw Alliance since Feb 2005 and is still operated under the same veterans that notably achieved the server's early vanilla raiding successes and has maintained the same competitive edge ever since. We were #1 on our server in Vanilla. To this day we are still an active community, raiding guild: you name it.

During the beginning of BC, our guild "semi-retired" from raiding as many of our core raiders had RL obligations to meet. The rest of our core members either quit as well, or simply raided with other guilds on the same server. At the end of BC however, most of us returned from our absence and reformed the guild within a matter of weeks to 25m raid once more and went into WoTLK by clearing Sunwell Plateau successfully. It was in WoTLK where our competitive atmosphere thrived, continuing on with successful Halion HM kills going into Cataclysm where we conquered the world's most boring PvE content in Dragon Soul, including meta mount farming clears. ( down to the last week before MoP )


What we offer:

We are currently 6/6 in MSV, 6/6 Heart of Fear and 4/4 Terrace of Endless Spring. As we recruit for core raiding positions, we will be in the process of transitioning ourselves into heroic content come January 2013. We tirelessly search for all best available options for us that help us raid. Because of some outstanding efforts by the majority of our guildies, we provide flasks feasts and repairs to all of our members.


What we offer outside of raiding:

- An active guild atmosphere. We are currently averaging +30 players. We are also actively partaking in World PvP: from helping our guild members to fighting Horde doing Sha of Anger: U NO TAKE SHA!
- Rated Battlegrounds. I myself have led the only Alliance team to our exclusive Hero of the Alliance: Vicious titles on our realm and am looking to do the same thing once again in MoP. If this is something you're interested in doing with us only, give me a shout!
- Old content. Since some of us have been doing it since vanilla when it was the cool hipster thing to do; getting a blast from the past can be fun, especially for transmog farming. Several guildies also do it for achievement nerd points as well.
- Games that aren't just WoW: League of Legends, War3, SC 2, and several steam games.

Questions? Comments? Want to chat?
BattleTags: Perkan#1781, Khias#1806 (Recruitment Officer), Scelesti#1677

Drop a line at our website too, in case you missed it at the top: www.sovcart.net
We hope to hear from you soon!
The Afflicted of US-Greymane is a US 100s 25m Horde guild created in August of 2005. We've consistently been a top 25m Horde guild on our server, holding realm first kills for many previous heroic bosses. We're a guild you can rely on to remain a 25m, staying strong and competitive for expansions to come.

We're an officer and a loot council of four that awards loot based upon performance, what's most beneficial to the guild, reliability, best upgrade and number of loots obtained. We expect applicants to enjoy raiding, theorycrafting and excel at all aspects of their class, be of a similar level of progression, adapt to our strategies, handle constructive criticism, communicate clearly in vent, have a stable connection and adhere to our raiding schedule-- Monday through Thursday from 7 to 11PM CST.

Current Progression
4/6 Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults
1/6 Heroic Heart of Fear
4/4 Terrace of Endless Spring

How to Apply
You can apply by going to our website-- http://www.theafflictedguild.org/
You will find the application template in the recruitment forum. After your application is submitted and if we like what we see, we will get in contact with you about a vent interview. Once you transfer over, your trial period will begin. Trial periods usually last up to a month if you meet the par, although they can be shorter or longer if you are above or below the par respectively.

If you have any questions about the guild or recruitment process, feel free to contact one of the following people in game:
Sleight (eternalx903@hotmail.com)
Do you have any logs? If so hit me up Bigsteer#1581 25m alliance 3/16H
Hey Kleptoo,

Come join Retribution! We are a Horde 25M Raiding guild on the Mal'Ganis Server. We are a mature, progression oriented semi-hardcore guild.

Add Xril to real id.
real ID: schecten@hotmail.com
BattleTag: Schecten#1186

We're currently looking for:

High Need: Hunter, Windwalker Monk, DPS Warrior, DPS Deathknight, Balance Druid
Medium Need: All Other DPS
Low Need:

We will ALWAYS look for a reliable and good player though,
regardless of our recruitment needs. So hit us up with an app on our

Recruitment Thread:

Guild Website:

Current Progression:
Mogu'Shan Vaults: 5/6
Heart of Fear: 1/6

Raid Times:
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 8:00PM-11:00PM CST

Guild Name: Nebula

Server: Burning Blade (A high-medium population PvP server)

We're transitioning from a 10-man raiding guild to a 25-man and we're in need of 4 dps and 1 healer to complete the transition of our weekday raid team.

Raid teams:
SUB Z3RO(25) - Tue/Wed/Thu 7:45-12 Semi-Hadcore (Progress 1/6 HM 13/16NM)
Transcendence(10) - Fri-Sat 7:45-12 Casual (Progress 8/16)

SUB Z3RO - Fury Warr/Ele Sham/Enh Sham/Hunter/Boomkin/Warlock/Monk dps and Paladin/Monk healer

Transcendence - Non DK tank, Plate dps, Warlock, Healer

Crispyy - GM (Battletag Crispy#1402)
Honga - Co-Raid Leader and Officer
Ripster - Recruitment Officer

New website in progress

What We're Looking For:
We are looking for fun players with a sense of humor and tolerance for different ideas on strategies and progression. Not all nights a new boss will be downed, and it is expected that if you join our guild you're mature enough to accept that. Outside of the raid we're a more relaxed group of friends that talk about anything in WoW or RL, so be capable of handling a mature joke or discussion. Inside the raid we knuckle down and focus, sharing various strategies and tips to down a boss. Any contribution to the discussion is appreciated but we have no tolerance for players that cannot discuss strategy in a calm collected manner, or refuse to try different strategies thinking theirs is the best/only one.

About Us:
After a conflict of views from a guild on the server Misha myself and a few other liked minded raiders had left the server and come back to our home on Burning Blade. We formed during Firelands and while progression was rocky we've been steadily climbing on the charts as a progression oriented guild. From 55th in T12 to 32nd in T13 and currently 14th in T14 we're working to provide the same progress as other Hardcore guilds in a Semi-Hardcore type of environment. We have also gotten all of our raiders the achievement mounts from FL and DS since we started raiding and look forward to getting the achievement mounts from MoP as well.

On a side note we host Old Content Runs weekly for achievements and mounts and auction off Transmog from our runs to raise funds for repairs and to provide half-price flasks and potions for our raiders in our guild bank.

Add me. Let's chat.
Hey there, I think you'll be able to end your search with us!

<Of Hells Design> 7/16N LFM for CORE raiding spots during the week!

Raid times:
Tuesday: 7/7:30pm CST to about 11pm
Wednesday: 7/7:30pm CST to about 11pm
Thursday: 7/7:30pm CST to about 11pm
Monday: 8pm to about 11pm (Occasional last push days)

If you would like to speak to someone in guild management, they are listed below.

Guild Website: http://ofhellsdesign.shivtr.com/
Guild Email: ofhellsdesign@gmail.com
GM: Ysosrslawl (real id: thegod526@gmail.com)
Skype: Y.so.srs
Next in Command:Whoopy (real id: halewyse@hotmail.com)

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