85 twinks are here come join us part 3

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85 xp-off community information

Players that have not upgraded to Mists of Pandaria will automatically be queued in the experience-off bracket. For those that have Mists, join the community by visiting Behsten in Stormwind or Slahtz in Orgrimmar to turn off your experience.

Season 11 (Cataclysmic) gear is available at vendors in Dalaran Sewers and Gadgetzan. Currently there are gear sets missing for hybrid classes. Monks do not have gear available yet. Both these issues are expected to be resolved... sometime.

Advantages of twinking at 85
Fast queues (generally 5-10 minutes during peak hours)
Less gear disparity than many other brackets, particularly 80-84
Healers aren't Godmode like at 70
Zero/minimal bot presence

Disadvantages of twinking at 85
It can be expensive to level professions, gem, and enchant your gear - but once you're done, you're done! No endgame gear treadmill.
Some BiS items require camping either the auction house for rare items or camping rare spawns in Pandaria (but viable alternatives exist)

Professions of note - max level 600
Through Archaeology you can acquire Spear of Xuen, upgradeable through honor to iLvl 471. Also available is Umbrella of Chi-Ji, upgradeable to iLvl 471. To farm these items without a level 90, do not level Archaeology past 525; that way, all your Archaeology sites will be in the Jade Forest.
Alchemy trinkets are also upgradeable to iLvl 466
Blacksmithing allows you to add two more MoP gems to your gear
Engineering has powerful and entertaining tinkers
Herbalism allows you to acquire Water Spirit and Life Spirit in addition to Lifeblood (2880 haste for 20 seconds)

To queue for Arenas, you will need to toggle your xp to "on."

Rated Battlegrounds
Coming soon!

Battletags are used to organize raids and pvp groups. Browse the thread for current information.

<Axiom> Frostmourne

<Puritania> Kargath
oh man active bracket is active
Would Lerah's Ribsmasher or Spear of Xuen be better for a ret pally at 85?
spear since you can upgrade it
Leveling Archeology is still a grind I dont care what Blizzard says
people in this bracket need to stop making new threads 50-100 posts before the old one caps...

also when do good horde queue, facerolled every game i've played

We are not really grouping tonight for whatever reason
12/08/2012 07:35 PMPosted by Ethereals
people in this bracket need to stop making new threads 50-100 posts before the old one caps...

It really doesnt matter lmao its close to cap

12/08/2012 07:39 PMPosted by Middas
We are not really grouping tonight for whatever reason

Been doing ds/arenas
Flex is decent but best rogue ive seen so far is yogurt

Never run into him. But I will say I can almost guarantee he's got that mouthy pocket healer of his on him most of the time.


I'm not mouthy you mean person
ps; was a twin peaks mr shaman guy
tonight, hord is so bad, still get many bots. wtf
eh were doing fine
12/08/2012 06:41 PMPosted by Umâdbro
spear since you can upgrade it

spear is better even before any upgrade.
[09:43:19][P] [Cfjc-Tichondrius]: tell every1 on forums that r dks 2 go unholy frost is gayy
there are too many wizards captain
/puts on robe and wizard hat
Have a few question to ask anyone in Puritania - Kargath.

Are you guys raiding yet? What classes do you need for raiding? (I'd like to bring my rogue, but I also have a shaman, warlock, priest, hunter, paladin, and mage at 85)

What classes do you lack for Rbgs when they get started up? What classes/specs do you lack in pvp in general?

Lastly, is zezzox going to ninja the guild bank and disband the guild like he did Reconstructed. I am a very busy college student with school, work, girlfriend, gym and what not. I love twinking, not only because its fun and I love pvp, but I don't need to be on all the time to keep up with everyone. Just would like some assurance that after a few months, my time won't have been wasted.

Thanks!! :)

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