[H]Untitled(6/6MV||2/6HF)25 man- LF DPS

Greetings all!

Untitled(http://theuntitled.us/forum) is looking for a couple more talented raid oriented players for our 25 man raid. We're still in need of a couple high parsing DPS, as well as an OT and healer both w/DPS OS.

We've been playing since vanilla and have experience in clearing every raid up to MoP as 10, 25, and 40 man guilds. Our ideal raid is one where we're having fun, typically at someone else's expense, while still progressing smoothly. Minimal sitting around, minimal time wasted. We had a late start in MoP, but in the short amount of time we've been raiding we're 6/6 MV, 2/6 HoF, and as individuals have additional kills and experience beyond that as well.

Candidates should:

  • Have 475 ilevel or higher
  • Have some experience with LFR but preferably MV10/25 or higher(past non-LFR raiding experience a plus)
  • Know your class. Have appropriate gems, enchants, and reforging. http://www.icy-veins.com/ is your friend
  • Be available to raid Tues/Thurs starting @7PM server; ending at 10:00
  • If you're just shy of meeting one of these we still encourage you to apply.

    Interested applicants are encouraged to apply at http://theuntitled.us/ (you may also contact Pyroculture, Talistra, or Janssyn in game).

    Adios cuties!

    ----Class needs:----
    Current need is skilled and alert DPS.

    Death Knight - Open(Frost/**Frost w/Blood OS)
    Druid - Open(Resto/feral dps)
    Hunter - High
    Mage - High
    Monk - Low(Heals/DPS w/Tank/heal OS)
    Paladin - Low(Holy)
    Priest - Low
    Rogue - High
    Shaman - Low
    Warlock - High
    Warrior - Open(DPS)
    Hi im interested im 474 but my have 6/6 msv 2/6 hof exp on main ik u said 475 but by the time u see this i will gurantee be higher ilvl raid times a perfect ;p
    Drop a whisper to myself or Talistra.
    Late night bumper
    Out of curiosity, how many people are you looking for, and what is your choice in classes for DPS?
    We're over 25, with several more interested. However most DPS classes aside from mage and warrior have room for anyone with talent/gear/alertness.
    Class needs updated.
    Will blow someone for a non-mongoloid Warlock.
    What he said ^^^^^
    Late bump.

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