Hello Zul'jin

my friend and i just recently came back to the game a few weeks ago and after playing for a bit we've noticed that our current server doesn't match our needs anymore. We both like to raid and pvp just wanted a little feedback too see if this server had good pvp (can already tell the pve here is good). We arent glads by any means haha just a couple of 2200+ players that like to raid. We have a strong raiding history at least for our server haha. will provide details if needed.
Lots of pve guilds on zul'jin a few good pvpers here and there.
The PvP is ok I guess, I don't do much of it myself. From what I can tell, there's a couple dedicated PvP guilds, and the rest of the PvP'ers are people like you - raiders who like to PvP on the side.

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