Elemenatal PVE rotation

This is the rotation that I am using.
My question is am I wasting my time with this rotation and is there a better one?

Rotation-Elemental Blast-Flame Shock-Unleash Elements-Lava Blast-Lighting Bolt and etc

thanks for any info...
We have a priority system, not a set rotation.

1) Maintain FS at all times.
2) LvB on cooldown and/or lava surge procs
3) Fulmination at 6-7 charges
4) Elemental Blast
5) LB

Elemental blast, although you roughly want to use it on cooldown, should only replace a normal LB filler. There are only a few viable uses for unleash elements, but generally speaking it shouldn't be cast at all as part of the normal rotation.

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