(H) A Guild for Social Anxiety LFM!

Wyrmrest Accord
<Swords for Everyone> on Wyrmrest Accord(US) (Horde)

We are a guild for those with social anxiety. Our goal is to create a no-pressure, judgement-free environment that enables members to explore aspects of the game that they have previously been kept from experiencing. Nothing is worse than not being able to do something in WoW (or any video game, or real life, for that matter) because you’re just too afraid or because you don't have anyone to turn to. Our intent is to establish an atmosphere, and even more so, a support network, that empowers those who are paralyzed by social situations and allows them to come, play, and be as they are.

Anyone who has social anxiety (or a similar social disorder) who wants an understanding community to play WoW with. If you're someone who:

is terrified of public chat channels, including Vent (Mumble, Teamspeak, etc.)
starts hyperventilating when a dungeon or BG queue pops
has avoided large chunks of game content because of other players
immediately logs off for the rest of the day (or week) after a wipe because you fear that it was your fault
is nervous and sweaty just thinking about applying to this guild
experiences any other irrational (but entirely understandable) anxiety because of interactions with other players

Then you're probably a perfect fit. There are no specific requirements to join, aside from a completed application.

We do a bit of everything, really. Alts, old content raids for transmog and battle pets, all-guild heroics/scenarios, grouping together for LFR, random and rated BGs, and are looking to get back to normal-mode raiding!

***Currently in need of TANKS***
Do you have a tank, or have been interested in tanking but have been too afraid/nervous to do it? Here's a chance to learn!

Visit our website at swordsforeveryone.enjin.com and apply there (app link on top menu). Make sure to read our guild charter. Contact me (Smerks), Bixxel, or Midnox in-game with further questions or issues.
This is a really awesome idea!
I remember you guys. I'm glad to see that you're still around!

I really support what you're doing, but sadly I'm lacking on Horde characters.
12/10/2012 05:17 PMPosted by Maricela
I remember you guys. I'm glad to see that you're still around!

Sending support to Swords for Everyone! <3
This is a wonderful idea and I wish you success.

Good luck.
Thank you all for the kind words! :D

Just a bit of a /bump. Have had some good applicants thus far, still looking for more!
I'm a cuddly panda!

...What's that, you say? What's a "Blood Elf"?
Sending much loves. As someone with social anxiety and a panic disorder, it's lovely to see guilds like this around. If I ever make a Horde character on WrA and need a home, I'll be sure to look y'all up. :D
I'm a cuddly panda!

...What's that, you say? What's a "Blood Elf"?

Smerks was a blood elf. :D

ssshhhh don't tell my secret!
That's a good thing!
12/13/2012 01:20 PMPosted by Skoggus
Dosn't matter. i think half the blood elfs on the server are now pandas.

I would trade Blizz my soul if they would let me be a cuddly Pandaren Death Knight. :3

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