questing on foot/horse

Man it sucks. Way too slow, having to kill everythig as you go or risk pulling 7 or 8 mobs and then getting dehorsed.

The no flight thing is making me reconsider playing this expansion.
LK was the same way for a bit. You had to get to level 77 with one toon before you could fly or buy the tome (when it got added later) to let your other toons be able to fly at 68.

I wouldn't mind if they brought the tome back if they don't want to make pandaria flying trainable at 85.
You're a warrior. Warrior's fight. They don't fly over their enemies because they are afraid of getting dirty.
not afraid, just can't enjoy ythe world for always watching for the next mob between me and the quest objective.

It gets old killing everything on the way somewhere to have to kill a bunch of things for a quest to kill everything again on the way back. I would like to stop and look around like I did in Cata mid air, but if you stop in MOP you get attacked.

Not alowing us to fly so we can explore and discover and see the world, is counter productive.

Go explore in a zone where everything is a level or 2 higher than you and see how much sight seeing you get done.

No flying is a waste of time, and counter productive. I am doing as few quests as possible in each zone, so I can get to my flying mount and then explore like I want to and not how Blizz says I have too.

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