Kil'Jaeden's Cunning or Mannoroth's Fury?

Recently I've started to PvP, being a mainly PvE sorta guy, I went with a destro spec like so many more before me. But I find myself between these 2 talents.

Is the burning ember generation from RoF really that great I should pass up moving while casting for it?

Any feedback would be awesome <3
In my opinion, KJC is far superior to MF since they removed the RoF stun mechanic. With the current state of the game, the only time I could ever imagine wanting MF would be if I was doing 2s against two stealth classes, and even then I think I'd be disappointed with the decision.
Hands down KJC. The ability to cast while moving will spoil you in arenas and bgs. I just can't justify MF anymore with KJC no longer having a casting penalty and RoF stun gone but maybe Cataclysm could change this when we get it; depends what abomination blizzard turns that into. Just learn from my mistake and have stopcast bound to something convenient.
It comes down to playstyle and what you are doing. For arenas I'd def say KJC or you'll never have LoS on anyone who doesn't want you to. For RBG's MF is nice for the mass ember generation and keeping people from capping a flag.

Its a toolkit, pick which tool suits the job IMO.
When/if Cataclysm is introduced MF will be the best choice for Destro imo. It is a great spell and much needed in the Destro toolkit, so I hope it does come and fast.

I personally don't like the 30% snare with KJC, and still go MF for BGs.
PVE it very much depends on the fight. Really in aoe fights MF is amazing. Gara'jal the Spiritbinder I will always get MF because when you go into the spirit world you litterally chew through the adds. Single target though MF is not needed at all.

PVP it really depends on how you play. Personally still using MF because of the anti stealth ability and the ember generation in bgs. The slow generally is not a giant deal because basically every single melee that attacks you also has a snare.
was no one chilled at the first 3 responding locks alll looking EXACTLY the same!?

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