Low FPS in Pandaria on Ultra

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Hi all, I'm trying to figure this out but I cannot.

I'm getting 30-40 fps with no one around in the pandaria zones and I cannot figure out why. In the middle of SW I get 50 fps with a lot of people around doing stuff, and can even get 30-40 fps in LFR during intense boss fights. Also I can run RIFT (which is far more intensive) on ultra and get 40-50 fps out in the open.

I'm not sure what's going on exactly. I realize my computer is not the best, but I think I should be getting more than 30 fps on ultra in the middle of the pandaria zones.

My rig:

i5 2320 quad core
8 gigs of RAM
Radeon HD 6850

Any tips?
Shadows at max will absolutely kill your PC. Turn Shadows down a few notches, and multisampling to 2x. It should fix it.
Outdated addon may also cause FPS drops, as well as corrupted Cache folder (inside WoW folder, not WoW\Data folder).

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