<AFFLICTION> 10M. LF Dps or healer.

Burning Legion

Realm: Burning Legion
Raid times: Tuesday & Thursday 8-11pm server
1. Monk (Mistweaver)
2. Druid (Resto)
3. Shaman (Any spec)
4. Lock
5. Warrior
6. Rogue

Due to a plague of losing raiders, we are currently only 4/6MSV. We wish to finish MSV and begin HoF within a week or so. We are recruiting two players to fill our group (we are also happy to take anyone who is willing to sub for MIA players) any of the listed classes and roles will suffice. We ask for potential players to have vent, necessary add ons and to consistently show up on time. Our group is laid back and fun. We make the most of all our attempts and play to enjoy the game. We are looking for raid progression but nothing die hard. If you are interested and think this is a place for you then I look forward to hearing from you. You may contact me via in game mail, catching me online or thru this thread.

Thank you for your time.
Ur replacing me O.o
Your dps is just too intense man, I'm sorry.
This is an update if anyone is interested. We are now only looking for a Monk or Warrior. Monk must have Mistweaver/Windwalker (MS/OS) or vice versa. Either combination will be fine.

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