a ? about maximizing pve dmg

ive noticed that out of all my holy power generators CS is the weakest hitting, so when i pop all my CDs i usually do try to use hammer of wrath>TV>exo>TV>hammer>TV>exo (if it procs judge if not

and skip out on using CS to build the 3 holy powers. is this right?

also a question about execution sentence, how can i buff it up? do i need to cast it when i have all my str trinks/procs up and running or if i cast it AND THEN the pocs come up will it start doing more dmg? should i cast it during avenging wrath/wings?

when is it ideal to cast during a fight?
I'm pretty sure that last I checked CS still hits harder than Judgment when you factor in Hand of Light (although that was a while ago and I don't think my tests were raid-buffed, so maybe at higher levels of attack power Judgment pulls ahead). So in that case the priority for generators should be HoW > Exorcism > CS > Judgment.

Execution Sentence takes a snapshot of your stats and buffs at the time you cast it, so the best time to cast it is when all of your buffs are up. Anything that procs after you cast it won't affect it.
12/06/2011 02:40 AMPosted by Svayne
Inq (> DP TV) > 5 HP TV (> ES) > HoW > Exo > CS > Judge > 3-4 HP TV
According to EJ, Judgment shifts up above CS during Wings to help avoid ability clashing. I've brought up the point about CS not hitting harder than Jud when you add in HoL, but Jud is hitting pretty darned hard these days; even with HoL, they're about even, with CS+HoL averaging just a touch more.
At least for me, HoL is not nearly enough to make up the difference between CS and Judgement. But that may be partly because my weapon is currently my worst item.

And yes, Execution Sentence uses your stats when you cast it. This means it's beneficial to use it when stuff procs, but since its cooldown is only a minute, you shouldn't delay it very long for procs. If you wait 30 seconds after it comes off cooldown, that's half an ES lost, so the proc/buff you're waiting on has to boost ES by 50% just to not be a DPS loss compared to casting it on cooldown.

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