Mac Screen going white/black

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this has happened three times in the past 24 hours each happening in the same area too.After a bg or dungeon, once i leave group and i am on the loading screen back, the screen loads then all of a sudden my mac screen turns half white and half black.If i click on the screen then i will be able to see the area i was last in but i cannot control anything.Only thing i am still able to do is move my mouse so i wouldnt call it freezing..It has happened three times at serpents spine( 90 pvp gear quartermasters) right after a bg or dungeon and im on my way back after the loading screen.
i will add that, it only does this at the pvp vendors at serpent's spine.If i am anywhere else, it will not do this.
We need your full hardware details to help :

If you go into Windowed mode on the wow client then go in the Help menu and select Copy Support information this will place it in your clip board.

Then copy/paste here.

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