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I have seen a few warriors Heroic Leap and then instantly Charge back to the target. I was told this was a Macro.

Is it possible to have a macro that will make the Targeting-Rune come up for Heroic leap, and Once I cast Heroic Leap it will immediately charge back to the Enemy I have targeted? In other words, press the button once to Heroic Leap and Charge back.

If this is possible, can someone tell me what macro they are using. If not, please let me know so I can stop searching. Thanks, Lethgorias.
I do it simple and without a macro. I cast heroic leap and leap away then immediately press charge when i land
This is not possible. You can not do an action like this on the completion of the heroic leap cast.
well theres a macro i use to charge and heroic leap at the same time, but i dont use it that much..its simple cast charge cast hero leap
Then what ur talking about its not possible in a one button (at least im not sure of but could be) press but just hero leap then charge just make sure u turn ur character facing toward the target and its gravy

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