@Geekyfish/Twopoo bad kids

Bleeding Hollow
im looking for you spamming trade but apparently someone already ganked you
lol this thread is still going
yea and its going to keep going until that fairy shows up and gets whats coming to him for repeatedly ganking low levels.
"Oh no he is bursting!" *disarm* *defensive stance* *shield wall* *thunderclap* *demo banner* *rallying cry at 30%* "JK" *just disarm Dstance tank him with 2nd wind*
nah just disarm heroic leap and run. charge, burst, then stun gg go home.
LOLOLOLOLOLOL. guess that settles it. O and hey Kagrenac, as for the second wind fight you mentioned. no need he couldnt manage to get me to second wind.

LOL edited because he gets a rogue from his guild to stealth the second time we fight. grats you killed me bro.
im so done with this thread. theres no way to prove to this warrior that hes bad. even after repeatedly killing him it doesnt sink in.
Me and Nasrii had a 2 out of 3 dueling session he won first i won second and he did get me on the last one. I will say that he is better. But i think he should reconsider the "baddy" cus i did kill him.
BTW nasrri i got you to 20k in all the duels
so i would watch what your saying about not getting you to second win bra
Not to mention you being "AFK" when i killed you when i dismounted you. i really did not know that you could use moves when away from your computer
Death Knights..
ok so that whole thing where you bowed to me then i thanked you meant nothing. awesome. was on my way to publicly apologize on the forums. wasn't even gonna say the results of the "three duels that we had". First duel: No defensive cds used and i win.
Second duel: Charge eachother and stealthed rogue that you said "i had no idea who that was" but somehow you ran arenas with last night and went 4-6 throws all his bleeds and stuns on and you kill me. Yes you actually killed me. Grats bro. Tell me how that third duel went? and what happened after the third duel?
i did die sadly all im saying is that you were just kinda throwing me !@#$ right up there i still go by that bow and the thanks did mean something just backing myself up you outdid me that last duel. I do not think that i deserve to be called a baddy tho so just sticking up for myself back there
but bro. You lied three times in like 30 seconds about the rogue not being there, knowing the rogue then admitting you just met the rogue then saying you didnt know him from arenas and ganking the night before but somehow that SAME rogue shows up pops outta stealth and kills me on second duel. THEN you blatantly lie on the forums about how you beat me in the second duel. That second duel was never a duel. That was me about to body camp you and make you rage log.
12/08/2012 02:02 PMPosted by Twopøo
Death Knights..

*yawn* Must be hard being a warrior having to fight a warrior god knows it must be riveting to fight someone as OP as you are
lol dude you so that we charged eachother poped cds disarmed you and killed you the rogue never attacked you the second time
12/08/2012 02:13 PMPosted by Twopøo
lol dude you so that we charged eachother poped cds disarmed you and killed you the rogue never attacked you the second time

It was a fair duel he ended up winning i think skill wise we are about winning he got the best of me in duels and i admit that but he just needs to accept that i killed him once today and once yesterday. if it wast for him phase jumping into his farm he would have been dead even more times

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