warsong gulch exploit screen shot

below is a screen shot of a monk hidden in a corner the alliance tunnel ramp leading outside he was not able to be targeted by any player

I'd wager he got feared into there, rather than using an exploit.
I'd guess he got feared into that too. Happened to me today in Silvershard mines towards the end of one of the cart paths. I got feared off the map into fog, the whole map turned green and my character took fall damage.

I've also been feared into a wall in WSG in a hut and got stuck, gave up reporting this kind of stuff after submitting a ticket and getting a canned response.

My guess: they've given up fixing this type of stuff since the character stuck feature will execute your toon and put you in a GY.
ok thnx for the reply it just looked weird thats all
If he was holding the flag, you can at least be assured he wasnt going to cap it.
Game breaking exploit!! Ban this monk ASAP.
Think of it this way.

How long did it take for them to fix charge?
that dude is like "please...kill me...don't just stare there...KILL ME!!!"

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