Rep grinds and Dailies - Increase interaction

I have read many posts to the effect of "give me back my tabard" and I love "endless dailies". I understand that the development team has a goal to get people out in the world to interact. The intent of this expansion is to spark more "us vs them" in the classic horde vs alliance feel of WC1 and WC2. Ultimately, the goal for a developer is to maximize player interaction. I believe this is actually a good thing but there are some issues...

Daily commitment. People with limited time must choose what they do. A player may not have the time to do dailies and casually raid; "off nights" (non-raid nights) are dedicated to LFR and capping valor in attempt to gear for progression content. This might mean 3 hours of game play on a saturday afternoon with a few hours during the week spent in raid.

This type of player benefited from the removal of daily valor caps to dungeons during past expansions. This player base is the type that used tabards to gain rep in dungeons. On the opposite end of the spectrum are the people clearing 3 raids of content per week do not need to do dailies or dungeons to cap valor. Their time is committed to progression, and they are less likely to be interacting with the rep based content as well.

This being said, there is currently a weekly maximum of rep that can be gained through use of questing. I understand that it may be difficult to implement, but it may be beneficial to add a tabard with the intent of providing rep gains for the weekend warrior player base given a few restrictions...
1.) Maximum rep gain for the week is XXXX, this includes all dailies and tabard based gains. The person who does dailies is still awarded additional gold, valor, and extra rolls on raid gear as incentive to questing.
2.) Players must reach minimum rep of YYYY to obtain said tabard.

This type of system awards the player for doing what they choose, but still requires a minimum amount of interaction.

Currently, my gear level exceeds dungeon awards. I have no incentive to do dungeons or scenarios beyond enchanting mats. The system above would provide incentive to seek dungeons as well.
They keep saying they won't do tabards.

It's apparently not ok to dungeon your way to cap with other players, working as a team, but it's meaningful and fun to fight people for that one piece of fruit or bucket of sap.

The system is just awful, truly, and your suggestion has been made before; I'm not saying I disagree, but the genius pool at Blizzard considers daily quests "content," and won't budge on this.
Idk bout this questing I did it before the only challenge then was group quests everything else was supremely fast kills or really slow but surviving anything kills both is not fun for me
most ppl I lvl is from the very few quests at the start then dungeons (1 char I specifically lvled from BGs )
To me personally it feels like "oh great follow the arrow kill things grab stuff click on some green names then an easy boss" sure I have lots of time playin this game but I'd rather have raid progression as said above
Until vp is repless I'll use mine for ilvl upgrade

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