Skinning w/o Looting

I dropped enchanting to take LW instead, and it can be a little annoying that i have to loot all the useless crap from these low level mobs to skin the creature for the mats. They could implement such an easy fix to this too.

1. Let us just destroy loot instead of looting it.
2. Have a keybind to skin the creature even if it has loot on it.

* Iwould buy these mats, but the AH on my server never has anything I need.
There must be an add-on that does this.

Edit: Searching for "trash" on Curse shows a few. Trashcan seems to be the most popular.
ty I feel dumb for not thinking of this myself.
Why not just loot everything (mass loot makes it easy) and then just sell all the junk? You're just giving away 100s of gold by destroying junk and not selling it.
Because that requires going to a vendor, which can be a pain if you have to do it frequently due to having limited bag space from carrying multiple gear sets and a bunch of leather around.
At no point are you generally more than a minute away from a vendor where you can sell junk. There's probably a dozen in each zone.

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