World of Burstcraft?

Its like its tuned for 2 millon hp health pools,but we have 400kish.

INSANE burst damage coupled with extreme cc = disaster.

5 second stuns, 8 second fears...with minimal diminishing returns, if any, create the most laughable thing ive seen since the launch of wow.

There is no amount of skill that triumphs over a simple cc+tunnel.

200k+ crits with 400k hp? gimme a break?

My question is this:

was this unforseen? and are they gonna try to fix it?

or was this designed? is it supposed to be like call of duty, smash mouth, in your face, die then respawn stuff? Because that is definitely what it is.

I see fully conquest geared players with upgrades going from 100% to dead with people spam healing them in a matter of seconds. I'm definitely not exaggerating as i'm sure your'e all quite aware, but maybe i'm overreacting? Maybe this is the type of game they wanted to make pvp../shrug?

Perhaps they need to rethink pvp power...i think that stat has something to do with it. I think just plain resistance like in the past would create a far more enjoyable experience and a much better pace as well as bring back the element of skill that used to be required to lock someone down and get a kill, not just 1 stun and burn. Does anyone agree with me here?
There's quite a bit in the works regarding burst. The most recent changes increased burst slightly in order to keep PvP weapons above heroic PvE weapons (which is good.) They stated this probably made burst more of an issue, but they gathering data on how to counter it. A couple of methods regard raising baseline resilience to compensate. The 1minute trinket change is a pretty big deal, estimated to drop burst by 10%.
I just get crushed whenever I heal.

I understand CCs, but for the love of everything holy, I can literally spend twenty seconds doing nothing as teammates get shredded, and as soon as I get out, I'm ripped apart even at 65% resilience.

It's frustrating.
L2 fear ward.

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