Old Content Profession Leveling

I'm certain I will hear complaints from the more hardcore players, but since the cross-realm implementation it is incredibly difficult to obtain a large amount of fel iron ore for leveling blacksmithing (and other old content materials). With that in mind, naturally, this causes an over inflated pricing due to the cross spread-realm supply being divided. It effectively has created a shortage in supply as now the world supply is expected to meet the same demand.

What is Blizzard planning to help the more casual player to spend more time playing the game, as opposed to gathering as much as competitively possible, resulting in a loss of time for actually playing the game... The overall effectiveness of gather and profession leveling is terrible for old world content.
Interestingly enough, my server is flooded with Fel Iron.

It's selling in 50+stack quantities for 10-15g per stack.

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