Daggers or other for PvE?

Just dinged 90 on my rogue a couple of weeks ago and have only pvp'ed so far with him. Seeing as how bad rogues are in pvp at their current state, I want to hop into pvp for awhile.

Sub right now looks like the highest dps for single target, and combat for everything else? Does that sound about right?

Also, is there a preference in the Rogue community on using daggers, or do you just use the best item you come across?
Assassination for single-target, combat for cleave (closes with assassination for single-target at high gear levels). Subtlety is reasonably close to both but a few steps behind, so it's largely passed over currently.

Assassination and subtlety dual-wield daggers. Combat uses a slow (2.6 speed) mainhand, and either a dagger or slow offhand (whichever is the higher item level or has better stat itemization by comparison).

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